Would You Read the Story of Your Own Life?


Well, would you?


I honestly can’t think of a more powerful question.


We often imagine pictures of our future – snapshots of who we’d love to become in a perfect world.


So tell me,


Are your current actions leading you through the story that you’d love to tell?


Here’s a personal story of mine that I hope will inspire you to make a change that you need:


Just after graduating from college in 2009, I had a steady boyfriend of over 2 years and plans to move to France. The boyfriend was a great guy, but for some reason, I couldn’t stop imagining my life without him.


The movie in my head was trying to tell me something. 


I saw myself as a single girl in Paris, having reckless adventures and living independently. I wanted a more exotic romance – someone who would keep me on my toes.


But I was too scared, so I tried to stop that movie from playing in my head. I kept coming up with reasons to stay in my safe comfort zone. I tried to convince myself that I was happy.


Eventually, the movie of my ideal future started playing more and more. It became louder and harder to ignore.


I couldn’t take it anymore. 


I stepped right out of my comfort zone.

I started living out the movie in my head.

I broke up with my boyfriend.

I enjoyed plenty of reckless Parisian adventures (Oh la la). 

And, best of all, I even found the “exotic romance” that I always really wanted, but never thought possible.



I started listening to my loud-as-hell inner voice and stopped trying to do what felt safe or what others thought I should do.


And you know what?

I love my own story so much that I’ve started writing the memoirs 😛


Watch your movie. 

Use your life to write a story that you’d love to read.