These 8 Website Tweaks will Attract More Clients AND Grow Your List

How to set up your website to get more clients for your online business

How good of a job is your website doing to attract clients?

Do you have a clear path for new visitors to follow or are you relying more on the “hope and pray” strategy for your website?

Are you distracted by making your website look pretty to the point where you don’t actually know if it’s strategic?

We’ve all been there. Website “strategy” isn’t exactly the most intuitive thing in the world (most of us grew up without the internet, let alone online business) but I promise you that it’s not hard to learn, either!

Click “play” to learn the 8 easy tweaks you can make to your website to start getting clients coming to you.


This part is all about the big picture.

How are you going to turn a new visitor into a paying customer? Is it clear what you want people to do, click on, and visit when they land on your website?

How are you going to take the reader by the virtual hand and show them that you can help them with their problems? How are you going to turn this user into a paying customer or even a repeat customer?

Need a funnel? Check out the Raving Fan Formula that I use


How can you give people a check list, a cheat sheet, or something that they can put into action in 15 minutes and start seeing results immediately?

Create a powerful opt-in offer and put it front and center on your website (it should be the first thing that I see on your website!)

Need help? Watch this video on how to create an amazing opt-in offer


The About Page is usually the first thing that people see when they land on your website. This is prime-o real estate, my friend!

How can you point new readers in the right direction with a “choose your own adventure” strategy?

In other words, divide your audience into 3 different groups or stages. For each of the groups, pick a blog post, freebie, or other page where you can send them to get started.

For example, if you are a life coach who helps people transition into their next career, you may have the following 3 groups:

  • People who are frustrated with their jobs but aren’t sure what they want to do
  • People who are ready to quit but don’t know what their next move is
  • People who are actively looking for new jobs and need resume and job search help

On your about page, you would say “Are you frustrated with your current career but not sure what to do? If so click here. If you’re ready to take action but need a plan, click here. And if you already are looking for jobs and need help positioning yourself as the best candidate, click here.”


Consistent free content is the name of the game in online business.

Every time you write a blog post, someone should be able to get a specific result from your blog post.

If you feel like your blog posts are too general, overarching, or tackling way too much, try to break them down into 2 or 3 smaller blog posts.

Need help coming up with blog content? Here’s how to come up with 3 months’ worth of blog posts

Want to create video content like me? Check out my 5-step process for creating video blogs (it’s easier than you think).

Ready to amp up the power of your content with more personal stories? I’ve got 16 questions to help you create an arsenal of them.


My dearest, darling, sweet rule breaker, I can just about guarantee you that you are not bragging about your services enough!

As in, if you’re not talking about your offers all the damn time you are not talking about them enough.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that I am ALWAYS mentioning my products and services in my free content!

Here are some great times to soft promo your offers:

  • In blog posts – “When I run my signature program, NAME OF PROGRAM HERE, my students always ask me the same question. I thought you might have that question, too!”
  • In your newsletter – add a blurb to the bottom of your emails to remind people of your services with a link to your work with me page or to book a consult with you.
  • On social media – It’s really easily to naturally name drop your own offers to your audience!


Some fancy folk call this “email marketing.”

Now, I know you might have noticed that email rates are going down. However, email is still the MOST effective online marketing tool.

You should be emailing your audience at least once per week to nurture the relationship and it is SO SO SO important. There is no point in growing an audience if you never communicate with them, darling!


I know your services are awesome. You know your services are awesome. But you cannot expect anyone else to know that unless you give them all the details about what the experience of working with you will be like from start to finish.

A work with me page is a lot like a sales page (thank goodness) so you can use the 14-part sales page recipe to write a good one.


On your work with me page, you have to make it very clear what action you want people to take if they’re ready to work with you.

I believe with all of my heart and soul that the very best call to action is “FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FORM, BUCKO!” (You can drop the Buck-o part if that’s more your style).

Want to know why I don’t recommend free consults? I’ll spill the beans if you click here.

LEAVE A COMMENT, BUCK-O! Which one of these tweaks are you going to tackle first?