Sucky Life Rules that You Must Break Today (Part One)



“Life is short, break the Rules.
Forgive quickly, kiss slowly.
Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably
And never regret ANYTHING
That makes you smile.” 

-Mark Twain




  Bad Life Rule #1: You Need a 10-Year Plan.

Why it sucks: While it’s super important to make decisions about what you want so that you can figure out how to get there, all of the emphasis on future-planning makes it uber difficult to enjoy the only thing you’ll ever have: the present moment

If you are dying to move to a certain city or quit your job, a plan can help guide you to make decisions in the present moment – but don’t forget that your life is now – not five years from now.

Even more importantly, a little spontaneity is a good thing. You have no idea where you’ll want to be in 6 months, let a lone in five or ten years. Let your experiences be your guide. Don’t become a prisoner to the plan



  • What do you feel inspired to do right now? Read a book. Take a picture. Write an article. Take a nap. Do something for 30 minutes without thinking about the future




Bad Life Rule #2: The World is a Competition 

Why it sucks: If we are all in a competition against one another, then why do we all have the same ultimate destination (i.e. DEATH)?

If you live purposefully, you will perceive fellow memebers of your industry as partners in crime rather than competition. 

All of us humans are looking for the same thing: happiness. We all suffer. We all have pain. There’s no need to get defensive. 



  • Make a list of 20 people who do the same thing as you (or what you want to do). Or, think of one person who you feel is trying to steal your thunder. Contact this person and collaborate!  
  • Think about the last time that you got really frustrated with another person. Road rage. A mean comment to the barista who made your cappuccino. Ask yourself: what is this person’s dream? Why might they have acted that way? Was this person really trying to piss me off or was it a misunderstanding?



Bad Life Rule #3: Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Why it sucks: Obviously, the most precious things in life are free. HOWEVER, If you’ve ever not had money, you can understand how important it is to basic happiness.

Likewise, money absolutely can buy happiness if you spend it on the right things: think experiences and giving to others. If you use it correctly, you can buy yourself a lifetime of happiness in the way of vacations, cooking classes, delicious meals, and a cozy abode.

But, if you want sustainable happiness, research shows that you should invest regularly in small pleasures: an ice cream cone, a new lipgloss, a movie ticket are a few ideas. 




  • Make a list of 40 things under $10 that make you happy. (Hint: many of them, like a hug, are free!)
  • If you’re really strapped for cash: make a list of 10 ways you could earn more money. For example, you could babysit, tutor, or sell some of your stuff. 
  • Buy a $10 gift for someone else. Choose something that you really like. Giving is more powerful if you give away something that you love. 




Now tell me in the comments: What rules do you live by? Which ones do you break?