How to Price Your Services When You’re Just Starting Your Business

The pricing strategy for new business that will help you get more clients as soon as possible.

I know from experience that starting a new business often feels like an endless trap of Catch-22s.

You know that if you had a few clients it would be easier to get more clients.

But how do you get the first slew of paying clients in the first place?

And what should you be charging for your services?

Should you “charge what you’re worth”? What does that even mean anyway?

In this video I’m giving you the full scoop on what I REALLY think about the advice to “charge what you’re worth” and what I recommend doing instead:


Here are those resources I mentioned:

The exhaustive guide to packaging a new service.

7 Reasons Having a Signature Method will Help You Attract More Clients.

The Seth Godin quote I mentioned came from Tim Ferriss’ new book Tools of Titans (affiliate link), which I am currently devouring.



What do you think of my take on “charging what you’re worth? Do you agree or disagree?

Which step of my 3-step pricing strategy do you need to do next?