Signs from the Universe are Dumb


You have this happen to you on a daily basis.


You’re about to embark on a new mission, make an uncomfortable phone call, have a nerve-wracking job interview, begin a weight-loss journey.

You know that it’s for the best, but you’re scared.



And then, as if the forces of the universe had conspired against you…


You can’t get ahold of the person on the phone… “It just isn’t meant to be.”

You stutter through the job interview… “This isn’t the job for me.”

You eat too much sugar at your friend’s birthday party… “My diet is effed.”

You hit a red light…

You miss your flight…

Your credit card doesn’t go through on the first try…

It’s a sign from the almighty universe, right?


“The Universe is trying to tell me that I’m not supposed to be doing this,” the little devil on your shoulder whispers convincingly into your left ear.


Her voice is rather seductive, isn’t it?

In fact, your little devil is so persuasive, that you actually believe that these little hiccups on your path are signs from the Universe. You actually start to believe that the lack of comments on your blog mean that you’re not supposed to be blogging.



But shoot, son—you couldn’t be farther from the truth!

When you apply for jobs and don’t get any call backs, it’s not a sign from the universe that you should stop applying.

When you get mean comments on your blog, it’s not a sign from the universe that you should stop blogging. 

When you fail at your new diet countless times, it’s not a sign that you should stop improving your health. 

When you hit a red light, it’s not a sign that you should go home. 


The only thing a failure should teach you is that you need to improve your strategy.

The only thing a setback should tell you is that you need to re-organize, re-configure, re-prioritize.

The only thing you should take away from this letdown is that you have so much more to learn.


Do you want it bad enough? Get busy, babe.

Who knows? Your next step could be the one that pushes it over the edge.

You’ll never know if you don’t try.


Consider this: What is the worst possible thing that could happen?

The answer? You quit just before you arrive and never realize your true potential.


Ready. Set. Go.