Should you offer free consultations?

Free consultations don't work. This post shows you how to convert 90% of your free calls into paying clients.

Have you ever thought about offering free consultations as a way to persuade people to get on the phone with you?

Do you ever think, “If I could just get on the phone with someone I could explain my services so much better than in writing?”

Do you have a “schedule a complimentary session with me” button on your work with me page?

It seems like giving away your time for free is a great way to make a fantastic first impression and get more clients.

I’ve got to tell you something: I don’t like free consultations,

However, I do think you need to get on the phone with potential clients without giving away your time for free. What do I mean?

In today’s video I’m sharing with you the process I use for Sales Page CPR to qualify leads, get on the phone with prospects, and book at a 90% success rate. This is the same sales process I’ve been using since I started my business in 2012 (though I’ve upgraded it along the way) and it works like a charm!

Watch the video to find out how I convert 90% of phone calls into sales without using a “free consultation”:

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Death to the free consult! Why you should take the “schedule a free consult” button off your site ASAP: via @CourtRJ

Letting people schedule free appointments with you from your website cheapens your time. via @CourtRJ

Stop offering free consultations and implement an application form / questionnaire system using this week’s action sheet via the button below!


There is a way of doing a free consultation. In fact, I encourage it. But I don’t call it a free consultation. Here’s what I recommend instead:


1. Get rid of any and all “schedule a free session with me” links on your website (unless you are a doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, or other regulated service provider with a high perceived dollar per hour rate).

2. Make the offer clear with a well structured sales page. The sales page is where you connect with your reader on an emotional level, show them that you understand what they need, and give them the details of your offer.

3. Use an application form. (For services only. Products should have a buy now button). In this application, ask key questions that will let you know if this prospect is a good fit for your services!

4. When you receive an application, that’s when you send the person a link to schedule a call with you. In fact, I think you should always hop on a Skype phone call to meet “face-to-face” for services that cost more than a few hundred dollars. Instead of a “free consult” this is now a discovery call. It should only take 15 minutes and you will not be delivering free coaching.

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What frustrates you most about having to “sell” your services?