4 Shortcuts for Coming Up with Great Copy on the Spot

Great tricks for coming up with great copy that your audience will love!

This morning I wrote an email in a marketing sequence for a big promotion we have coming up and I referred back to an email sequence I sent last month to see how I had structured the previous email.

You want to give yourself some writing prompts to spark your creativity and I’m going to show you how to come up with writing prompts that are customized for your business, your voice, and your audience.

Why do you want this custom language?

Well my friend, you want to use the exact language that your audience is using in all of your marketing and whenever you talk about what you do because that is what they will resonate with!

#1 – Read your target clients’ minds

I wrote an entire blog post about this that you should check out here: http://www.rulebreakersclub.com/read-minds

#2 – Keep a running list of the following:

  • Questions asked
  • Frustrations expressed
  • Desires expressed

You’ll find this language in your reader’s emails, blog comments, social media comments, on client calls, in surveys, etc.

Example: After running the last round of Yay for Clients, I sent a feedback survey. Then, I combed through the survey and organized the feedback into “questions, frustrations, and desires” so that I have language for future marketing as well as ideas for improving the program.

#3 – Repurpose your own content

I often get asked if I re-write entire email sequences each time that I launch a program. The answer is HELL TO THE NO!

Even if you are writing a completely new email sequence for an entirely different service or product, you should have a template for creating email sequences.

When I write launch email sequences I always refer to my formula in The Launch Copy Kit or look back on past emails that I’ve written (though usually I do both!)

#4 – Whenever you’re “stuck” writing something, refer back to this language!

Writer’s block = a shitty writing process

If you have writer’s block it means that somewhere along the line you skipped a step and are trying to be witty, creative, brilliant off the top of your head.

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at being brilliant off the top of my head. It’s certainly not a sustainable business strategy, either!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to keep all of this language? I’ve created a Google Doc template for you to copy and save for your business!