What Details to Give About Your Offer on Your Sales Page (without Giving Away Your Secrets)

It's shocking how many people fail to give enough information about the actual thing people are paying for.

Do you know what the HARDEST part of writing a sales page is?

It’s the section where you’re giving the details of what’s included in the offer!

I know it seems straightforward, but honestly it’s shocking how many people fail to give enough information about the actual thing people are paying for.

You might be wondering:

How do you give the exact information that people need without giving away all your secrets?

Before you watch the video, make sure to download the worksheet that goes with today’s blog.

This worksheet will help you to…

  • Extract all of the important details of your offer and put them on paper so that it’s easy to create all of your promotional materials
  • Document the details of your offer in one place so that it’s easy to refer to later (or hand to someone on your team)

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Once you have your worksheet hit play on the video so I can walk you through all of the elements:

#1 – Share the overarching breakdown of your offer.

This is where you want to explain the main structure of your product or program and explain how it’s going to work to your potential customers.

Whether it’s weeks, modules, phases, sections, or whatever, you want to lay it out and explain the flow here.

What I’ve noticed with a lot of my clients that they haven’t decided how they want break down their offer before they start working on their sales page. This means you haven’t yet created your signature process but that will make the copywriting thing so much easier.

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#2 – The parts really do matter

Once you’ve explained the overarching structure, you want to really sell them on why the way you’ve structured your offer matters. Look at each part of the process and sell them on each individual part.

Whether you’re including 3 skype calls or a 6 week course, you need to explain why each part is important. Explain how each part is going to help them get results and get to the ultimate goal that your course is promising.

#3 – The tease

Now it’s time to really sell your signature process to get the results they want. Create your own your formulas, methods, exercises and worksheets that walk your clients through the process and really sell them.

Give these items a name and explain how it’s your method for drafting killer copy or creating on brand graphics. Get them totally excited to learn more and be able to integrate your process into their business.

#4 – What’s included?

In every phase or module of your offer, there needs to be actual collateral that they’re getting.

Explain the worksheets, content, lessons, or one-on-one time that they are going to get in each part of the program or product. You’ve got to tell people what they’re paying for and make it tangible!

This is especially important for digital products and online services that can feel sometimes abstract and nebulous so it’s good to anchor them in by explaining physically what they’re going to get when they hit buy.

Don’t forget to download the worksheet to help you pull out all of the information about your offer!