My Best Productivity Tips for Rebels

Productivity Tips for Rebellious Entrepreneurs (AKA how to get work done without giving up Netflix)

Hello rebellious entrepreneur friend! I see you there. Don’t be shy!

Don’t worry, I’m a rebel, too so there’s no judgement here.

Being a rebel is NOT easy. It can be really hard to get shit done when you’re constantly rebelling against your calendar, to-do list, what everyone else is telling you to do, and even what YOU are telling yourself to do.

It’s especially hard for us ambitious rebels. We have BIG dreams and also a BIG desire to binge watch Downton Abbey on Netflix.

There are a couple of reasons why rebels struggle (which I’ll go over in the video below) as well as 3 CORE strategies to overcome the #rebelstruggle.

Click play to learn all about it:

There are 2 things you have to acknowledge:

#1 – You’re choosing immediate gratification over long-term results. And it all boils down to FEAR. If the future results aren’t guaranteed yet today’s Netflix binge is, why gamble?

#2 – You’re setting outrageous expectations for yourself. Rebels are simply perfectionists who try to pretend that they’re NOT perfectionists (caught ya!). It’s okay to give a shit about the things that matter.

Here are 3 strategies to set you up for success, dear rebel:


No one gives that advice, right? But why do you keep setting OUTRAGEOUS goals? Do you really enjoy failing again and again? What are you so afraid of?

What’s the worst thing that would happen if you set smaller goals?


You’ve gotta SOAK yourself in your why. Why in the heck are you running a business? What is it all for?

Are you willing to go through a little bit of pain now in order to get long term pleasure?

You do not have to give up Netflix altogether. You just need to be able to hit “pause” at the end of an episode and say, Now it’s time to write that damn blog post because it’s going to help me create the life I really want long term! Yay!


This is the more practical tip to help you follow through. I’ve also created an entire video on how to stay motivated when you’re not seeing quick results which I HIGHLY recommend to all of my rebel friends (that’s you!)


Let me know: What’s the ONE thing you’ve been rebelling against MOST?

How are you going to break that one thing down into the smallest possible action using the tips I talked about in the video?