Afraid to Put Yourself Out There? Watch This.

There is one thing holding you back from getting more clients that no amount of strategy or tactics can help you with. It's called the fear of putting yourself out there.

There is one thing holding you back from getting more clients that no amount of strategy or tactics can help you with.

It’s called the fear of putting yourself out there.

Do you know it?

Many of the students in my program, Yay For Clients, struggle with this fear. It hits them when I tell them to send out a survey or reach out to people to become beta testers.

In order to help my students get over the hump, I have them examine their own limiting beliefs. Once they realize that it is them and only them who is holding them back, they suddenly get crazy amazing results!

One of our students felt like she was falling behind until she bit the bullet and sent out a survey to potential clients. She couldn’t believe how many responses she got!

I know that you, too are capable of more than you believe.

I know that I can teach you exactly how to create your own signature service and book out clients for months.

But if you don’t trust the process, it won’t work.

In today’s video we’re specifically going to tackle the fear of putting yourself out there.

You’re going to love this video if:

  • You know that you should put your face on your website, Facebook profile, etc but feel nervously panicky every time you think about it.
  • You’re avoiding going on Facebook Live because you’re afraid no one will show up.
  • You haven’t launched your website yet because it’s not as perfect as you want it to be.
  • You’re weirdly afraid of haters, trolls, and critics because you’re not sure you can handle their harsh words.

I promise that I’ve got some tips in this video that will help you FINALLY move forward and stop being the best kept secret!

Afraid of putting yourself out there? Here’s what I want you to know:

#1 You know more than other people

When it comes to your area of expertise, you know more than other people. This holds true even if you are not the highest level of achievement in your field, whether that’s a degree, a certification, an experience level or whatever, you still know more than the average person.

Remember, what comes easily to you is likely to be excruciatingly difficult for your clients. One of the reasons I hired an online business manager and project manager is because I struggle with timelines, details, and breaking things down into manageable steps. My OBM though makes it look like a breeze since it’s where she shines.

We all have strengths that are amazing to other people. That’s what I want you to focus on.

It’s also best for you to help people who are a few steps behind you in business. You can more easily empathize with where they are which makes you a better teacher for them. To be a great teacher, you need to be able to communicate and explain at a level they can understand so it’s great for you to help them at just a few steps ahead.

#2 No one is going to visit your website

Entrepreneurs get this crazy idea in their heads that when they launch their website it’s going to be like when Steve Jobs launches a new iPhone.

The reality? No one is going to go to your website at first (except maybe your mom).

I am not saying this to beat you down but to give you a little dose of reality. These things don’t happen all at once and you aren’t likely to be an overnight success. This is great because it gives you time to get used to putting yourself out there. You can take baby steps to the end result of putting yourself out there.

#3 What’s the worst case scenario?

Prepare for the worst case scenario, whatever that is. Think about what you are truly, really, honestly afraid of if you do the thing you’re so afraid of?

Write down your worst fear – I guarantee the critique will hit you in the gut about something you’re already afraid is true.

And if that worst case scenario happens, you’re going to be ok. You might be taken down for a few days or a few weeks but you get to make the decision to keep going.

If you resolve to never quit there is truly nothing that can break you.

#4 The baby step

I want you to proactively take baby steps to take yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit every day.

Consider the smallest way that you can start putting yourself out there and practice it a little bit each day until you get more comfortable doing it. Practicing the thing that scares you takes its power away because exposure therapy really works.

For example, you could promise to publish ONE blog post this week or contact ONE target client to conduct an interview.

In no time you’ll be doing things that right now go beyond your wildest dreams.

#5 Don’t hide your fear!

This is my action step for you today: In the comments below I want you to share your crazy, strange fear.

Frankly, it’s when we hide and keep our fears inside that we start to develop shame around those fears.

Maybe your fear is that people will say you’re a fraud but ultimately all of our fears boil down to one thing – and that is the fear of not being enough.

I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know, what is your biggest, most irrational fear about putting yourself out there!

You’ll be amazed at how many people share the same fears as you!