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Who is this Courtney chic and what does she know about entrepreneurship?

Hi, there! I'm Courtney Johnston - the "chic" behind Project Moolah. I was never planning on becoming an entrepreneur, but in early 2010 I discovered that I am totally incapable of working for anyone else (a problem). So I quit my super-hard-to-get job that was totally stressing me out and bought a one-way ticket to Paris. Why wait for retirement to live, right?



I quickly learned that the answer to that question is, "BECAUSE YOU NEED MONEY, GIRLFRIEND." 

While I couldn't escape the need for money, I didn't have to earn it in a traditional way. In fact, I wanted a job that allowed me to live however and wherever I wanted. BINGO.

Since then, I've consulted countless job seekers on their résumés, wrote the eBook, Résumé Revamp: So Hot You'll Have 'Em Begging for More, and launched an even more lucrative copywriting service for fabulous online entrepreneurs.

And I have so much to share with you! The Project Moolah Monthly Report will take you through the next leg of my journey. I've gone from babysitting in Paris for $10 an hour to more than five times that rate for copywriting. I can't wait to see what's next and share the lessons with you!