Project Moolah: How to Go from ‘Figuring Your Shit Out’ to Raking in the Dollar Bills

Right now, you know that, more than anything else, you yearn to get away — to hop on Orbitz and buy a plane ticket to NYC, or hell, why not Istanbul?  

If you could, you’d drink champagne at lunch. You’d travel to Italy à la Eat, Pray, Love and have yourself a goddamn once-in-a-lifetime adventure (except you’d have an even better time than Elizabeth Gilbert because honestly, who in their right mind bans themselves from dating Italians?).  

If you had it your way, you’d annihilate your alarm clock. You’d wake up whenever the fuck you want and no one would make you feel bad about it. You’d drink coffee and smoke out of a pipe because you FEEL LIKE IT (and because you’d feel cool). ‘Nuff said.
You’d walk out of that office with your middle finger waving the air.
See ya later, bitches. 


I’d be graaaand… wouldn’t it?

The Exploratory Phase: Figuring Your Shit Out

Sixteen months ago, I metaphorically did just that. (I acted with more class than to actually flip my employer off. I’ve got too much respect for them to do that. But it felt just as good.)

I decided that I wasn’t going to wait any longer to live however I wanted. I quit my day job and bought a one-way ticket to Paris.


During the next sixteen exploratory months, I did a lot of things: I started this blog, seriously considered earning a PhD in positive psychology, took online marketing courses, decided to help young professionals market themselves, created a résumé revamp service, wrote a kick ass little book about it, experimented with lifestyles like veganism and minimalism, paid off debt, accrued some more, and babysat. A lot. Oh, and I almost forgot–a tornado hit my house, too.

And while the past sixteen months have been a ball, I’m ready to start focusing on something that we all desperately need in order to make our dreams a reality: cash money, baby.

Do you have a specific financial plan– one that is 100 percent under your control? Do you know what you want to do with your life?

If not, I don’t care how much money you’re making, you’re in an exploratory phase. And that’s ok, you just don’t have as much power as you deserve.


Moving from ‘Exploratory’ to ‘Effing Certain’: Project Moolah

I am now shifting my focus from “exploratory” mode to “make some god damn money in a sustainable fashion” mode.

Amazing, right? 

For the next year I’m embarking on a serious mission to create a hot and steamy relationship with money. I’m calling it, “Project Moolah”.


The main goal of the project is to earn $2,000 a month with my own projects by August 2013.


Cool! So why do you want to earn $2,000?

To some, this may sound like a lot. To others, it may seem like a safe goal. Finding this earnings sweet spot requires balancing reality with dream land. Sure, I’d love to make $10,000 a month, but that’s probably not realistic for me at this point. On the flip-side, the goal of $1,000 seemed too safe. To me, $2,000 is the perfect mix of the nice guy and the bad boy: a little certainty with some outrageous fun thrown in.


Gotcha. How are you going to earn the money?

I’m going to be selling my body on the streets, of course.

Actually, I have four money-making machines:

  1. Résumé Revamp (ebook + service)
  2. Language Tutoring: French, ESL, Writing, College Applications
  3. Copywriting for Small Businesses
  4. Freelance Writing

Sounds hot! Where can I find more about Project Moolah?

The project has it’s own page on the RBC website! Click here.

The page includes:


  • The Project Moolah detailed plan of how I will earn $2,000 a month with my own projects by August 2013.
  • The 30 Day Career Detox Questionnaire for you to use on your own Project Moolah.
  • An Excel sheet of I spent every single hour during the week of July 18-24. (This is part of the 168 hours program from Laura Vanderkam).



Will you supplement your income in the meantime?

Yes. While working on building my money machines, I’ll continue working part-time at the adorable coffee shop. This extra work not only supplements my income, but gets me out of the house (which I desperately need). Moreover, I make mega-useful connections with townies at work! The coffee shop has even become my first copywriting client. Woo hoo!



This sounds pretty damn cool. Can I create my own Project Moolah?

Mais oui, my friend. Not only is it possible, but necessary for achieving the financial bliss of deciding one moment that you want a change of scenery and hopping on a plane the next. Click here to view the Project Moolah page and start the 30 Day Career Detox!

Don’t have a biz set up yet? No problem! Here’s a list of the ladies who have helped me to plot and scheme. They’ll blow your mind. I promise.

Ashley Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project – Sign up for her email list + read her free eBook, The Definitive Guide to Getting Off Your Butt, Finding Some Focus, and Jump-Starting Your Biz.

Danielle LaPorte – Her book, The Fire Starter Sessions is my legit Bible. As in, I read a passage every night before bed.

Marie Forleo – I just completed Marie’s B-School program. Learned more here than I did in four years of college.

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