How I Grow My List Using Pinterest (So Easy!)

Let’s talk about growing your email list and getting subscribers on autopilot using Pinterest! Best social media strategy for business.

Let’s talk about growing your list and getting subscribers on autopilot using Pinterest!

Guys, about 18 months ago I realized that my email list was shrinking. For me, this was a sign of a bigger problem with my overall strategy. It’s my dream to help as many entrepreneurs as possible and if my audience isn’t growing it’s going to be damn hard for me to achieve that dream, right?

Then, by chance I had the opportunity to work with Melyssa Griffin on a sales page. While researching her business I came across her Pinfinte Growth program and a free webinar she was hosting. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

After implementing the strategies she taught at the webinar, Pinterest became this little website’s #1 traffic source within one month.

Yes, one month. That’s it!

Click play on today’s video to learn how I’m implementing Melyssa’s Pinterest strategy (the lazy way):



In short, optimising Pinterest to grow your email list and have a bigger impact breaks down into 3 basic steps:

Step #1 – Create a graphic for every single one of your blog posts

Before bringing a graphic designer onto our team, I used Canva to create all of our Pinterest graphics. It’s super easy to do!

Step #2 – Create “content upgrades” for your blog posts to capture the perfect people

This is the part that requires the most ongoing work. You want to make sure to have a really useful and actionable (and SIMPLE) worksheet, checklist, or cheat sheet for your pillar blog posts. The idea here is that people who visit your blog post are highly likely to want to hear more about the topic and will say “yes” to opting in for the content upgrade.

Step #3 – Optimize your Pinterest profile and pin your blog graphics

It takes a little bit of work up front, but once you set up your Pinterest profile you pretty much do NOTHING. That’s my kind of strategy!

This is the portion of the strategy where I highly recommend learning from someone like Melyssa Griffin. Her course, Pinfinite Growth* is incredible. I recommend it to EVERYONE I meet who says they want more traffic to their website. I truly believe that if you’re not using Pinterest you are leaving thousands of subscribers on the table.

Melyssa has a free webinar on her website on the 3 Essential Pinterest Strategies that Will Rapidly Grow Your Email List – Sign up for it now here!*

* – Identifies affiliate link. If you click one of these links and wind up purchasing something, I may get a kickback.