4 Key Mindset Shifts that will Help You Attract More Clients

Is your mindset holding you back from booking our your services? Here’s how to mentally prepare your business to book more clients.


You’ll be excited to hear that the strategies you need to put in place to book out a client based business aren’t that complicated.

Honestly, the same strategies apply to every service-based business out there.

The thing that IS getting in your way is your mindset!

I believe that I can teach you the exact strategies you need to book out your client based business….


The problem is that if you don’t update your mindset, you will self sabotage faster than you can say, “Entrepreneur”.

Watch the video to find out the 4 main mindset shifts you must make to start booking as many clients as you want:

Mindset Shift #1 –

Stop hiding and start being seen.

No one can ever work with you if they don’t know that you exist!

Yet so many entrepreneurs are terrified of putting themselves out there. Honestly, I think more than 50% of people are sitting around paralyzed forever and never wind up taking action.

Riddle me this: What’s the worst case scenario? What are you so afraid of? (Tell me in a comment below!)

Let’s be real – thousands of people will not flock to your first blog post. The fears that you have of criticism are not based on facts, they’re based on ancient biology.

Don’t be selfish! The longer you procrastinate, the longer your target market will have to wait for the solutions you have to offer them.

You have value to contribute to the table and people who need what you have to offer are stagnating because you are procrastinating publishing a blog post, interacting in a Facebook group, attending a networking event.


Mindset Shift #2 –

Stop being a freelancer and start being a BOSS

The big difference between a freelancer and a business owner is that business owners decide how things work. They create products and services, set boundaries, and make the rules (that’s right, yo!)

An employee or a freelancer is at the mercy of the boss. Wouldn’t you rather be the boss?

Here’s the great part: your clients WANT you to be in charge. That’s why they’re paying you!


Mindset Shift #3 –

Stop being a hobbyist and start getting paid.

This shift might bring up some of your “imposter syndrome”. We all struggle with this. Don’t worry.

If you’re wondering, “Who am I to make money doing what I love?”, you’re not alone!

What I want to remind you of is that you are starting a business for two reasons: (1) to make money and (2) to be of service. Those are the two goals of EVERY business.

Freeloaders don’t take your work seriously. It’s in your clients’ best interest that you charge a fair price for the work that you do.


Mindset Shift #4 –

Stop “Making Shit Happen” and start being prepared yet unattached

When it comes down to it, you have no control over how many clients you book.

What you can do is prepare the hell out of your business for an influx of clients. What would you need to do differently to accept 10 new clients? 20? 100?

Prepare your business! And then let go of the outcome.

P.S. If you are desperate to make money, get a day job. I worked as a barista for more than 6 months while building my business. You have to be willing to do what it takes.

Which one of these mindset shifts do you most need to make right now?