The 6 Pillars of Hosting Your First Kick Ass, Money-Making Webinar

How to host a high converting webinar as a part of your online course launch.

Hey rule breaker!

In today’s post I’m thrilled to be talking about a topic I haven’t discussed much, which is WEBINARS!

I’ve been hosting webinars as a marketing tool since early 2014 and over the years I have found a “formula” for putting together what I think are pretty kick ass webinars. People regularly tell me that my webinars are the best they’ve ever been to, which is always my goal!

I don’t tell you this just to toot my own horn (though I’m pretty damn proud) but to show you that the tips I’m going to teach you in today’s post totally work!

Many of these tips are not new ideas, but they are the ones that work for me. I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel or fixing what ain’t broke, if you know what I mean 😉

Webinar Tip #1 – Pick the Perfect Topic

I wrote an entire blog on this which I highly recommend reading but here’s the gist…

Your webinar topic needs to be something solves a specific problem / offers a specific result that your audience is craving.

The biggest mistake I see people making when picking webinar topics is making them WAY too broad.

For example, which webinar do you think people would be more likely to sign up for:

  • Health Tips for New Moms
  • The 5-Minute Formula for Getting Fit as a New Mom

Psst! If you are using your webinar as a sales pitch for your program, frame the content around the formula / system you teach in your program!

Webinar Tip #2 – Create Killer Content

The trick to creating the best webinar content is to balance (a) selling your system / formula with (b) teaching just enough to get people a result WHILE THEY’RE AT the webinar.

The way I do this is by teaching one key tip for each part of my strategy. You can see how I do this in the Outline Your Sales Page Webinar. I teach my 14-part sales page framework (my formula) and I give key action steps for the first 3 sections to help you to get a deeper result.

Webinar Tip 3 – Get People to Sign Up + Show Up

Webinars are a great tool for list building and nurturing the list that you already have! Personally, I mostly use webinars as a part of my launch strategy and it’s how I generate most of the sales for The Rule Breaker’s Club.

Here’s how to build your list with your webinar:

  • Target FB Ads towards people who have visited your website (you’ll need to add your Facebook Ads pixel to your website to start collecting this audience!)
  • Invite your social media audience to your webinar (you can build your social media audience with a 5-day challenge if you don’t have a big enough audience).

Here’s how to nurture your list with your webinar:

  • Invite everyone currently on your list to join your webinar

Here’s how to make sure that everyone who signs up shows up:

You can expect about 20-30% of the people who signed up for your webinar to show up. Here’s how to raise that percentage:

  • Make sure to send out a couple of “rev up” emails before your webinar to deliver a bonus gift, remind people why they should come live (to get the best results!), and generally get them jazzed about your webinar!

Webinar Tip 4 – Be the Webinar Hostess with the Mostest

When you hit “broadcast” on your webinar, you effectively become the host of a TV show all about your topic! Your goal is to keep up the energy, teach some awesome tips, and get people excited about what you do.

  • Get people interacting in the chat! I always remind my audience that the chat is my favorite part and I encourage them to make one new friend 🙂
  • Speak with enthusiasm. If you don’t seem excited about your topic, how can you expect anyone else to be?

Webinar Tip 5 – Pitch Your Offer

Planning a sales pitch for the end of your webinar? Wonderful! Here’s how to do that:

  • Remind people of the bigger goal + the progress made during the class.
  • Tell them that if they want to continue working with you towards this goal, you have a program / service to help them do that.
  • Give them all of the details about your offer.
  • Offer a “fast action” bonus for anyone who purchases before the end of the webinar.

Webinar Tip 6 – Maximize the Post-Webinar Period

Wait! The end of the live webinar is not the end of hosting a kick ass webinar.

Remember, your webinar is a part of a bigger launch strategy. It’s a big mistake to leave your audience hanging after the live part ends.

After your webinar make sure to:

  • Offer a limited time bonus that expires a couple days after the webinar
  • Offer a limited time replay for people who couldn’t be there live.
  • Email your audience reminding them of the benefits of your offer and bonuses

Tell me in a comment: What’s your #1 question about hosting kick ass + high converting webinars?