How to Use Your Father, Your Facebook Friends, and Your Parrot to Your Advantage


If you’re wondering what possessed me to look like this on Memorial Day, you’ve come to the right place!

Every Sunday, for the last two months, I’ve trotted over to my dad’s garage for our weekly iron-pumping rendez-vous.

We bench press.

We listen to Bruce Springsteen at an obnoxious volume.

We eat wimps for breakfast.


It’s a ridiculously manly activity that has become the ritual that I look forward to every weekend. (This coming from the girl who refused to wear pants until the 6th grade. No, I didn’t go to school naked. I wore dresses, you perv). 




There is no way in a fiery pit of hell that I would wake up on Sunday morning to repeatedly lift a heavy piece of metal into the air if it weren’t for a little thing called social accountability


Social accountability: When someone else is counting on you, you don’t screw up.

You get it done.


You know what else I’ve been able to do when I’ve brought other people in on my scheme?


Last June, I took a Facebook detox. 

And in order to ensure my success, I made this announcement on my page:


I knew that, by saying my plans out loud (is there anything louder than a Facebook status?), I would feel like a damn fool if I broke my promise. 

Was it difficult to abstain from Facebook for an entire month? Of course.

But I did it. And I credit that success to social accountability




A couple of weeks ago, I announced the launch of my second eBook: Résumé Revamp:

(The title has since changed to: Résumé Revamp: So Hot You’ll Have ‘Em Begging for More, and you should sign up here to get your copy next Monday… that is, unless you want to see the face pictured above at your front door. Rawr!)


Was I 100% ready to launch the book on June 15?


Has announcing the launch date forced me to step up my game and make that puppy rock your socks off?


And it’s totally going to rock your dirty little socks off.

Unless you don’t read it. But in that case, your socks probably aren’t very cool anyway. So THERE.



The takeaway from all of my rambling is this:

When you want to reach a goal, tell everyone you know about your plans.


I refuse to let my father, my Facebook friends, or my fans down. 

For you it might be your sassy girlfriends or your parrot. Actually, that’s an awesome idea since, you know, parrots repeat everything

You’d be all like, “Hey Parrot, I’m going to run 5 miles.”

And then you’d forget about it and invite your bestie over to eat cupcakes and watch a RomCom instead.

But your parrot would be all, “I’m going to run 5 miles.”

And your friend would look at you and be like, “Pshht, you lied to your parrot. I’m never talking to you again.”

So, of course, you’d run the stupid 5 miles to avoid such an embarrassing scenario in the future.


But if you don’t have a parrot, 

(which is probably the case) how else can you make yourself socially accountable this week?




9 thoughts on “How to Use Your Father, Your Facebook Friends, and Your Parrot to Your Advantage

  1. I just wanted to write a quick note to say I heart you. Your parrot dialogue rendition had me actually smiling at work, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment. Should I have been reading blogs at work? That's irrelevant.

    Also, I'm not sure if you've just recently changed your tagline or if I never noticed it before, but I absolutely adore it. Define your own frickin' happiness indeed!

    Love your stuff. Keep it coming! :)

  2. You can comment on my blawg anytime, sugar.

    And I DID update my tagline. I woke up feelin' all sassy one morning and was like "hey, i'm going to throw a totally unoffensive non-curse word in my tagline to spice things up!"


  3. Fellow B-Schooler here… just wanted to tell you how much I loved this post. You're a funny chick!

    I have to be honest… inviting my husband into my business has been the BEST way to be socially accountable this week. I kind of laid out my plans to him, showed him what I'm working on, what I've got coming up… and then I told him the BS negative backtalk going on in my big 'ole bean… no one is better at cutting away the mental weeds I'm growing than he is (with love, of course).

    I think the trick is to find someone who you KNOWS loves you, without a shadow of that doubt, and then trust that person to cut through your excuses, your procrastination, your insecurity and all that other BS in a way that both motivates and encourages you…and maybe shames you, but just a little bit… don't want to be found rocking in the corner, or anything like that šŸ˜›

    Keep rocking it!

  4. welcome to the club, tracy!

    rock on…you have a great husband!

    sounds like you're making some awesome progress this week. your website is possibly the cutest thing since puppies and kitties. i just want to scroll around and look at the purdy flowers šŸ˜€

  5. LOL better look fast… it's changing to something much more "professional" looking in the near future! And I've now said it out loud… oh shit :)

  6. That's awesome, Tracy!

    I'm sure it will be fab – and now I'll be holding YOU accountable šŸ˜€

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