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How to Commit the Ultimate Act of Rebellion

You see, today I started something that I never thought I would ever do again. 


Today I started working at a part-time job.


I can almost hear your horror:


"What ever happened to travelling the world?! To starting your own business?! To breaking all of the rules?!"
You say, as though spending a few hours a week working in a coffee shop is against everything that The Rule Breaker's Club stands for. 


I mean, I get it.


Most people only take on a part-time job if they...


...need the money.
...need the money.


or if they...


...need the god damn money.


So I can see how my decision to take on a physically laborious job (coffee pots are heavy, yo) could seem, well, out of character for someone who preaches sticking it to the man and doing whatever you damn well please.


The thing is, I did not take on a part-time gig because I need the money. 


No. No. No.


I took on a part- time gig in order to:


  1. Remove some pressure from my creative projects.
  2. Engage with actual, real live human beings (entrepreneurship can be lonely if you let it).
  3. Challenge myself to learn something new.


In other words, I took on a part-time job as a barista because I want to.
Desire, baby. 
You see, there is a very big difference between doing something because you HAVE to and doing something because you WANT to. In the first case, you have no power. No options.


In the latter, you have all of it.


In fact, I think that the ultimate act of rebellion is to wear the mask of normality (aka a normal job) while secretly knowing (and I mean really knowing) that at any point you could stop doing it without having your world come crashing down.

Quitting your job and travelling the world is nice and all, but there are some downsides: 


  1. You lack a sense of community.
  2. You constantly miss people.
  3. You often feel isolated.
  4. You begin to resent your home town for its lack of exotic-ness.
  5. You lack a comforting routine.


Of course, not every world traveller experiences all of these symptoms, and certainly not all at once. This post is not about travel-bashing (dear God, that would be way to depressing). Instead, this post is about finding freedom in what you have right now, no matter where you are or what you lack.


So, how are you going to rebel?

May I suggest:

Getting off of the anxiety train.

Learning some of Paris' life lessons.

Simplifying your life.

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Reader Comments (1)

Additionally, I think breaking the rules can also mean breaking your own rules - sometimes. At least, this is what I thought of when I first started to read your post.

But, I think the question of power and mentality is a really important one. Since I've been job hunting, I've read quite a few posts about networking and that you should do it BEFORE you need a job, not WHEN. And even now, I can feel the energetic and mental difference between my job hunting (even with a part time position) versus when I was totally unemployed. It hasn't been easy, by any means, but there's a great burden there when you need something - especially when it's survival based (like securing a job so you can make ends meet).

So I like that you brought up the concept of choice, and similar to The Matrix - everything comes down to choice. Choosing to feel that you're master and commander of your own fate, or choosing to have a job versus feeling like you have no real choice in the matter (which is how many people become baristas in the first place).

April 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commentertatiana

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