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How To Find the Right Words To Say So People Will Want To Buy From You

I know how frustrating it is to write your own sales copy.

I know how frustrating it is to try to figure out the right thing to say so someone will click on a button or opt-in to your website and become a subscriber.


The right thing to say so that your emails will be opened.

It can be really nerve wracking, especially with something short like an email subject line.  


Watch today’s video to find out the secret all good copywriters use to finding that hit-you-in-the-gut language that connects with their readers:


Here’s 3 things I want you to do to start taking advantage of this trick:


1.   Create a file on your computer called “Target Client” or something like that. Create a document in this file called “Client’s Language”.


This will be the most useful collection of your life! Anytime you see something that a potential client is saying in relation to your industry...PUT IT IN THIS FOLDER / DOCUMENT.


You need to start collecting the things that your readers, clients, and customers are already saying, and you need to pay attention to forums that maybe aren’t your products and services but are similar products and services in your industry.


2.   Go a little deeper:


Let’s say you’re not finding all the information you need. What you need to do is step inside of your ideal client’s skin.


You need to become them. What I do is close my eyes and put myself in their position.

If you were them, what would you be saying?


3.   Go through your current copy and highlight areas where you’re not using your target client’s language.


These are normally places where you start using industry lingo are talking as though you’re with one of your colleagues instead of someone who’s not an expert in your industry.


Alright, it’s time for you to go collect your client’s words and write some kick ass copy!

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What to do when your business feels like a hodge podge

A lot of us start in business where it’s kind of a hobby, and we’re experimenting.

I totally did this, too!

I went from wanting to have a lifestyle blog and writing about my life and adventures to having a resume revamp service to a tutoring business.

Eventually, I turned The Rule Breakers’ Club into my copywriting business.

Along the way, I created a lot of products + services to try things out that didn’t necessarily all go together.

About a year ago, I was looking at my business and thought – “Wow, it’s just so scatterbrained! This product seems kind of random…how does it all go together?” –  I didn’t know how to create a marketing plan to show people all of my products and services, because it just feel like different ideas with nothing in common.


In today’s video, I’m teaching you 4 steps to making your business clearer, more cohesive, and more attractive to potential clients:

The first thing I want you to do is to define the biggest goal you have for your readers, clients, and customers.

Where are you taking them?

What’s your dream for them?

Obviously, this has to be based on what people really want—the ideal life that they have in mind.

At the Rule Breaker’s Club, my big goal for you is to help you build a business that makes you as wealthy as you want and more importantly, supports you in leading the exact type of lifestyle you want to live.

It’s about giving people the power (and I’ll go over what I mean by that in a second) to create the lifestyle, business, freedom, and everything they want in their lives. That’s my big goal for my clients and customers.


The second thing I want you to do is to define the steps your readers + clients need to take to get to that goal.

You’re going to have someone coming in, and you have to imagine that they have the least amount of knowledge possible about your industry and how to get to their goal.

And you have to define little mile markers along the way so they can take baby steps towards achieving everything you dream for them.

A great way of thinking of this is to consider the education system.

You don’t send 5 year-olds to high school anymore than you should expect people who know nothing about health, business, photography, or whatever to be well-versed in your industry.

A great business meets where they are now and guides them step-by-step to where they want to be.


The third thing is that you need to create a product or service to get people from this point to the next.

What sort of product or service could help people get from beginner to intermediate? From intermediate to advanced?

You don’t have to break it down this way, but I usually recommend people to have about 4 levels in their business and create a product or service for each.

It will never work perfectly like this, and people will come in at all different levels.

But the point is, you want to have products and services for each type of person.


The fourth step is to look at the products + services you already have and see if they’re appropriate for your current business.

You can always repurpose content and rebrand things to position them for your newly evolved business.

This is the efficient way of doing things, and people do it all the time.


Let’s go over the four steps again.

The first step is to define the big, big, big goal that you have for your readers, clients, and customers.

The second step is to define each step along the way, each pit stop along the journey toward achieving that goal.

The third step is to create a product or service to get someone from each step to the next.

The fourth step is to look at your products and services and see if they fit on your sales funnel or if you need to tweak them or create new products and services.


I’d love to hear more about your big goal for your clients and customers. Go ahead and tweet them to me!

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