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How to make people love you on the internet.

I know, I know, I know.

It may sound egotistical or self-centered, but let's be honest. We all want to be loved!

It's not just about stroking your own ego (that's a bad reason to be in business).

The truth is, if you want to have a successful brand and business, you have to be LIKEABLE. 

(In fact, some really cool research just came out on the importance of likability in the workplace that I'll share with you after the video).


In this video, I tell you my 2 biggest tips for becoming more likable online.



If you like these tips, I'd love for you to share this video! Let's make the internet a more happy, fun, likable place!

"Getting people to say 'Wow I really like your stuff!' is all about building relationships."  



Then, check out this article from the Wall Street Journal: Why Likability Matters More at Work 


5 Things You Need on Your Work With Me Page to Make the Price Irrelevant

Good morning, sunshine!

Last week I gave you some great tips for writing a kick ass sales page.

In this week's video, I'm sharing 5 things you need to do on your Work With Me Page to make the price irrelevant!


Here's what we go over in the video:


  • How to overcome the "it's too expensive" problem before you get on the phone with the potential client.
  • What you need to put on the work with me page BEFORE the person sees the price.
  • Why you need to put your prices on your page.
  • How to make people attached to what you're offering so that they can't say no!



Though I offer a high end service, I've never ONCE had someone say to me on the phone that my prices were to expensive.

Usually, when I go over the price on the phone, new clients say "Got it! Let's get started!"


You can charge top dollar for your services, too. Here's how:

I purposefully created a work with me page that illustrates exactly why the price is what it is and why it's worth every cent.

You've got to do the following FIVE things on your work with me page:


  • Show me a picture of what it looks like to work with you. I should be able to imagine the first step, the second step, the third and fourth steps!  


  • Show me how working with you is going to make my life better. You've got to be DETAILED here. If you're a life coach, don't tell me my life will be better. Give me something tangible.


  • Tell me the consequences of NOT working with you. Why should I say yes right now as opposed to next June? 


  • Make the price look like a steal! Show me the value of everything I'm getting so that the price looks like a no-brainer! You can also remind me of things I'm already buying that cost a similar amount and show me why your service is a much better return on investment!


  • Show me some happy clients! I want to be reassured that other people like me have worked with you and have been ridiculously happy with the results. I want to see that you succeed at delivering what you promise!



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