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Behind the scenes: Here's what's in my portable office...


Do you ever go work at coffee shops or take your work with you when you travel?

If so, you need a portable office!


The portable office is one of my secrets to staying sane when I take my work outside of my apartment.

Before I created this one-stop-shop for all of my goodies, I always ended up at the coffee shop having forgotten a pen and paper, my headphones, or worse... my wallet!

I used to throw all of my work stuff into a giant purse or canvas bag at the last minute before running out the door in the morning.

Not only did this habit make me feel frantic and unprepared, but carrying my computer around in a shoulder bag started to cause me back problems.


I knew that using a backpack would be better for my health, but I wanted a backpack fit for a creative entrepreneur (instead of a seventh grader).

I scowered the internet for months before I found this beauty at Modcloth. (This one isn't available anymore, but there's tons of cute ones here). 



Now that I have the cutest backpack ever, I keep it packed up with the tools I need when I work outside of my office:



My computer case lives in my backpack when I'm at home.

A notebook is my best friend for jotting down ideas, sketching out blog posts, or brainstorming copy for a client.

Colorful pens + a highlighter make taking notes more enjoyable.

A document organizer (that cost $1 at Target) houses the loose papers for any current proejcts I'm working on as well as my to do chart.

My Kindle is always with me. Always. 

The iPhone and wallet are obviously necessary...

And I pack my water bottle with a snack to make sure I don't get famished or dehydrated while out and about.


The one thing I forgot to put in this picture? HEADPHONES. These are especially handy when you work at a coffee shop with loud kids, bad music, or annoying people talking on the phone at the table next to you.



Alright all of you office supply nerds, I'm curious: what office tools do you have in your portable office?


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3 Ways I deal with price shoppers.


Hello lovely! 

Recently, got an email from a reader with a really fantastic question. Basically, she asked:

"How do you deal with price shoppers in your business?!"


This is a terrific question. If you have a business, I'm sure you've received at least one email from someone complaining about your price or trying to get a deal.

First of all, anyone who comes to you for your services and ONLY cares about price is not your ideal client. 

There are certain people who will always be like that, and you shouldn't be spending your energy trying to convince them that you're worth it.

The good news is, most people only care about the price because they don't know what else to ask. 


Watch this week's video to get my 3 tips for dealing with price shoppers:



That said, here are 3 ways to avoid having a "price" issue:


1. When you choose a price, make sure it feels good to you.


I see a lot of entrepreneurs picking really high prices for their stuff before they're really ready for it.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be "going for the gold" or that you don't deserve to be making a lot of money.

But if you don't believe that your products and services are actually worth what you're charging, you're repel customers.

When you set a price, make sure that it feels doable and achievable...maybe a little bit scary, but not impossible.



2. Stop doing one-time discounts on your products and services.


It's so tempting to want to give "special" discounts to potential clients and customers in order to win their business.

Discounting your services to win business is a dangerous, dangerous trap. Don't do it.

Once you start giving discounts to get clients, you won't be able to stop because you'll be convinced that's the only way for you to win business.

Giving discounts on your services can ruin your brand because it makes it look like you don't believe your offer is worth what you're charging. 

When you give discounts all the time, you start to reduce your credibility in your industry.

Instead, put the focus on the VALUE of what you're offering. You can always throw in a little something extra on top as a bonus instead of giving a monetary discount.



3. Overcome objections to price on your sales page.


Wherever it is that you're presenting your offer, you need to devote a GOOD AMOUNT of copy to addressing any of the possible objections someone might have to paying you what you're asking for your product or service.

You must, must, must put the emphasis on what they're getting and why your offer is going to be a good return on investment.

This matters even if you're not selling something that's going to make people more money. 

The ROI is the result that the person gets from working with you. It has to be enough value to warrant the expense.


You'll want to watch this video: 5 Things You Need to Do On Your Work-With-Me Page to Make The Price Irrelevant



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Alright, go out and tackle those three things and I guarantee you'll see more clients respecting your prices and feel way less resentful against the ones you already have!