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3 Ways to Build Your List (Without Guest Posting!)

If you’ve been in the online business world for more than a nanosecond, you don’t need a lecture from me that “the money’s in the list.”

You already know that “list building” is the pillar of harnessing the power of the internet to create the business of your wildest dreams.

When I first started my business 3-4 years ago, the gospel of list building was “GUEST POST! GUEST POST! GUEST POST!”

But do you know what? I quickly got sick of guest posting.

Writing guest posts is exhausting, time consuming, and oftentimes a shot in the dark.

(Can I tell you a secret? I haven’t written a single guest post in more than a year and have waaaayy more than doubled my list in that time.)

Want to know how I’ve been growing my email list without writing guest posts? Watch the video below to get the scoop:

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Ready to double your list? Do these 4 things to capture subscribers without guest posting:

1. Create the perfect opt-in offer for your audience. No more free eBooks, please! (When was the last time you read one of those?) Ask yourself: What’s a tool I could give my community that would help them achieve a specific result? Create something simple that will give them a quick win and stay engaged with your brand!

2. Set up a Facebook Ads campaign. Don’t run away just yet! Facebook Ads aren’t as scary as they seem. I’m telling you -- this is the future of advertising and you will regret not learning the basics while it’s still so cheap. (Bonus tip: Set up the FB ads campaign to direct people to a landing page for your opt-in offer and watch your list grow!)

3. Establish deeper relationships with other entrepreneurs (or other people serving your audience). As I talked about in this video, networking events often feel icky and self-serving. The trick isn’t to collect 1 million business cards, but to find your people -- the people who “get it” and establish deeper relationships with them.

4. Pitch yourself for podcasts (BONUS). Most of my podcast interviews have come naturally from tip #3 above. Often, podcasters will come to you for interviews. However, if there’s a podcast you’d really like to get featured on, build a relationship with that podcaster and then pitch yourself!


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