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Create an amazing opt-in offer.

Hola rule breaker!

If you’ve been in this online business world for a nanosecond, you’ve already learned that you need to create opt-in offers (also called freebies, lead magnets, etc).

The problem?

It feels like everything has been done already.

You’re probably wondering: How much should I give away for free? Am I giving too much or not enough? Is my opt-in offer actually giving people a taste of my business as a whole or is it totally unrelated?!

I’ve got your answer to all of these questions in this week’s video.



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Great tips on creating an opt-in offer by @CourtRJ 


Ready to tweak your opt-in offer (or make a new one)? Follow this checklist:

1. Specific Result - What are are some really specific results that you can help your readers to achieve with an opt-in offer? It should be measurable!

2. Desired Result - Forget about yourself for a second and think about your audience. What are some results that they would la-la-love to achieve in the next week / month?

3. Quick Result - What are some results that you can help people to achieve FAST? (In an hour, day, week is ideal!)

4. Aligned Result - What does your target audience need to know or learn in order to be ready for the next step of the process (your lower-end paid offer or a more engaged offer like a webinar, perhaps).



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