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How to choose the perfect income goal for the next year.

Guess what?

Yesterday was my birthday!

So in the spirit of birthdays and gifts and celebrations (and getting what you want) I want to talk to you today about your money.

No topic is too taboo for The Rule Breaker's Club!

Go ahead and click "play" on the video below to learn my 3 tips for choosing the perfect income goal for you for the next year.


Tweet-worthy tips from this video:

"Real CEOs don't avoid their financial numbers." @CourtRJ 

"If it doesn't feel achievable, it's not gonna happen." @CourtRJ


It's time to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, get clear on your YTD income numbers, and play around with income goals until, like Goldilocks, you find the one that is juuuuust right for you!


Your action step:

Go download your sales reports from Paypal or contact your accountant to get clear on your current financial numbers.


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