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3 Ways To Defend Yourself From Imposter Syndrome And Upper Limit Problems

Who said making big life changes was easy?


It sure as hell wasn’t me!


If you read most of the books in the self-help section these days, you may be under the impression that “living your best life” is as easy as whipping up a green smoothie and saying a few affirmations.


And while I love Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday just as much as the next person, I think she’d agree with me when I say “This shit’s hard”.


Whenever you try to rocket launch yourself to the next level of success, you’re bound to run into the dynamic duo of doom: Imposter Syndrome and Upper Limit Problems.


Before I show you how to remove these blocks (because I will, and you’ll need to do it on a regular basis for the rest of your life), I’ll give you a little overview of what I mean by each.


Let’s start with Imposter Syndrome.


Imposter Syndrome is pretty easy to understand. It’s that feeling that you get when you run a business that one day, someone is going to find out that you don’t know what you’re doing. Basically, you’re afraid someone’s going to call you out and embarrass the hell out of you.


Imposter Syndrome is so bad that I’m pretty sure 100% of entrepreneurs suffer from it at one point or another-- usually in cycles.


The second thing that all of us have are called Upper Limit Problems, which Gay Hendricks coined in his absolutely amazing book The Big Leap.


An Upper Limit Problem or ULP is basically your personal self-imposed glass ceiling.


Each of us have many layers of Upper Limit Problems and with each new level of success, you’ll likely hit a new upper limit-- an amount of success that makes you think, “Ok, that’s it! That’s all I can have!”


Both Imposter Syndrome and Upper Limits can be defeated. Watch today’s video to find out how it’s done:



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Your self-worth doesn’t depend on your net worth. @CourtRJ  


Here are the three action steps I want you to take from this week’s video:


(1) Stop comparing your success to other people’s. This includes people in your industry (like idols and competitors) but also people in your personal life (like that rich family friend who you’ve known since you were a kid).

(2) Create an “I’m Awesome” List. That’s right-- I want you to write down 200 reasons why you deserve to break through to the next level of super success. Wahoo!

(3) Play the damn game. But seriously. Life’s not that serious! I have the most fun when I view business (and life) as a game. Your self-worth doesn’t depend on your net worth. You are not a failure when you fail at something. When you view business as a game, you make better, more grounded decisions.

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