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When I'm burned out, she's my guru...



I started my business for one reason:

To feel good.

I'll elaborate...


I started my business because it was the quickest path to defining my own daily, monthly, and yearly schedule.


I started my business because it was the best outlet for my creativity -- to no longer be shackled by a micro-managing manager who corrected the way I wrote post-it notes (no joke).

I started my business because I couldn't find a ready-made career that would house my passions, so I made one up.


When I started my business, I thought I was cheating death -- the 9-5 working-for-someone-else death that suffocated most people I know.


I knew the first two years of business would be tough. 

I knew that I'd have to sacrifice some of that freedom of schedule so I could take my first clients.

I knew that I'd work my fair share of 12-hour days.


I figured that if I spent two years focused only on my business, my entire life would fall into place.


I'd have lots of money, so...

My relationships would be ideal (As though suddenly I wouldn't get pissed off about dirty dishes).

I'd eat the healthiest green algae-infused foods and show up to 8:00 am yoga classes.

And of course I'd buy fresh flowers at the market every single week.


As it turns out, there's a fuzzy line between "loving what you do" and "becoming a grumpy workaholic". 


I started on the happy side of that line...but a few months ago I woke up on the other side.

To be fair...

I think that becoming a workaholic is an inevitable part of the life of an entrepreneur.

Don't beat yourself up about it if you're on that side of the line with me.




It's your responsibility to recognize when you've lost your original spark-- when it's time to feed your non-business-related life, which when nourished, makes it possible to double your income and function at a 4-Hour Work Week level of productivity.


I don't know about you, but I'm not good at that stuff on my own. 

I'm more of a businessy workaholic who will work until my eyeballs burn out if I can't think of anything more enticing to do.

And recently, my friend (and entrepreneur) Kylie Patchett has been my go-to guru.

(My eyeballs thank her).

She's constantly reminding me that by taking care of myself, I WILL ACTUALLY MAKE MORE MONEY.

And I want to share some of that good juju with you.


Stop. Close your eyes. Visualize your ideal life. 


Where are you?

What are you doing?

How do you spend your day?

How do you feel?

What do you eat?

What's your work day like?

What do you do that's luxurious?


Your answers to these questions are what Kylie would call DESTINATION DELICIOUS.

It's the holistic vision of your entire ideal life-- not just the money-making part of your life. The whol shebang!

It's your family, your soul, your relationships, your environment, your state of mind, your inner peace, your nutrition.

It's all the things you mean to do, are waiting to do "when the time is right".

The time is right now.


Kylie has created a program aptly called DESTINATION DELICIOUS to teach you how to live your ideal daily life right now.

You might want to know that...

  • For the first 48 hours, Kylie is giving away some rad swag that includes...
  • 2 full scholarships to the program
  • 2 half scholarships to the program
  • an iPad...seriously.




 Lots of love,





10 Spirituality + Psychology Books That Will Boost Your Business

Hi book worms and rule breakers!


Do you love to read?!


Reading non-fiction is an obsession of mine. I'm a serious fan of learning about the human mind and spirit.


I tend to read books (either hard copy or on my Kindle) whenever I have a spare moment: sitting in waiting rooms, during lunch, on Saturday mornings, and every night before I go to bed.


As such, I'm especially excited to dive into today's topic (books! spirituality! business!) because it's very near and dear to my heart.


So many people struggle because they think that spirituality and business are polar opposite, mutually exclusive things. This couldn't be further from the truth!

Whenever I feel like I'm in an uphill battle, like nothing's going my way, or like I can't catch a break, I turn to my favorite teachers: BOOKS. 


Today I wanted to combine my passion for spirituality, mindfulness, and psychology with my passion for business and share 10 books with you that have REVOLUTIONIZED not only my personal life, but my business. In fact, if it weren't for these teachers, I might not have a business in the first place.


1. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle


Like many of these books, I found this one lying around the house (thanks Mom!) a few years ago. I read it in the midst of a twenty-something quarter-life crisis and it BLEW. MY. MIND.

I was kinda sorta intrigued by spirituality and psychology before I read this book.

But after I read the book? My whole world shifted.

I stopped having anxiety attacks.

I quit my job.

I got a holistic doctor.

I moved to Paris.

I started my business.


This book was the catalyst. This book opened my mind to every other spirituality book that came after it. This book has given me the gusto to take every risk that I've taken since reading it.



2. Wishes Fulfilled, by Wayne Dyer



Wishes Fulfilled, to me, feels like Wayne Dyer's response to "The Secret". So if you want to manifest something gorgeous in your life, this is the book for you.

I absolutely love Wayne Dyer. He has 2 books on this list!

I just read Wishes Fulfilled on my kindle a few weeks ago while I was going through a stressful moment in both my life and business.

My absolute favorite tid bit from Wishes Fulfilled is Dr. Dyer's tip to pay attention to what comes after you say "I am". 

I'd been making a lot of negative subconscious statements about myself for weeks without realizing it!



3. Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown



Duh - Oprah's new BFF is on this list!

This is yet another one of those books that I found laying around my house (and stole from my Mom...shhh!).

Miss Brené Brown gives a whole halleluiah of validation to us entrepreneurs in this book!

You haven't made it online until you've gotten your first hater.

Unfortunately, getting negative feedback from anonymous idiots is annoyingly powerful. Enough to put a girl in bed for days on end.

Brené gave me permission to stop paying attention to anyone who's not in the ring fighting or putting themselves out there. 

I'll refer back to Daring Greatly as I become more and more successful because I know that with each new level of success comes more vulnerable moments and more risk for heartbreak. 

(Sorry if you're reading this, Mom. I'm not giving you your book back!)


4.Make Your Creative Dreams Real, by SARK


I haven't even finshed half of this book, and it's already become the #1 book of reference in my Total Knockout Copywriting Course.

You literally cannot read one of SARK's books without a smile on your face. Theyr'e so fun and delightful!

This book in particular is a procrastinator's best friend.

In it, SARK taught me all about micromovements. I should send her a box of chocolates just for that lesson alone. But first I need to break down that action into micromovements, because it's too overwhelming as is!



5. A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson



Move over, Bible. Marianne Williamson is the new Sheriff in town. 

For a gal who grew up without any specific religious education and a serious attraction to atheism, I can't believe how much I love this book.

I told you already that The Power of Now opened my eyes to the world of spirituality and psychology. Wayne Dyer's books have certainly done a number for my happiness, too. But let's be honest: Marianne Williamson is the queen bee. And it's not without good reason.

I don't know why it took me so long to download this book. (Probably the fact that I expected to find a copy laying around the house!)

Whatever shit pickle you're in right now, Madame Williamson has an antedote. Promise.



6. The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks


I can't believe there was a time in my life when I didn't know what an "Upper Limit Problem" (ULP) was, considering I now use the term multiple times per day! Basically, an ULP is the reason why say, you get sick right before a big interview or pick a fight with your boyfriend at the end of a fantastic week.

If you've read this book, I know you're not surprised that it's on this list. It's one of the best books I've ever read and gets referenced frequently by the likes of Danielle LaPorte, Denise Duffield Thomas, and other fabulous entrepreneurial ladies.


7. Creating Money, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer


By now it must be obvious that I'm a total "Law of Attraction" junkie. This book really combines "spirituality" with "practicality" and does a great job explaining how all of that energetic attraction stuff works.

This manifesting stuff is something that you have to learn from multiple formats and teachers. I downloaded Creating Money because SARK recommended it in her book Make Your Creative Dreams Real

To me, this book has filled in the practical gaps of mainfesting where The Secret failed. It's also a bit more pragmatic than Wayne Dyer's style (which is more poetic and enchanting). 


8. The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer


Honestly, whenever I finish reading a Wayne Dyer book, I feel like the book seeped deep into my soul and that I've been reborn as an entirely refreshed human being.

I cackled loudly in the movie theatre when Jennifer Lawrence's character, Rosalyn Rosenfeld, in American Hustle mentioned this book! I had just finished reading it before I saw the movie!

Oddly enough, this book also totally revolutionized the way I think about death. Like all of Dr.Dyer's books, this one made me feel calm, happy, and totally unphased by life's blunders. That's a great attitude to work from for an entrepreneur!


9. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra


Chopra! Chopra! Chopra!

Did you know that Marie Forleo first read this book when she was in college? Did you know that it's the book that cracked her wide open...perhaps making her the Marie Forleo we know and love today?

This book is so short!

If you're looking for a digestible book to help you become a way more successful individual, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has got your back. Ahas guaranteed!



10. Add More ~ing to Your Life, Gabrielle Bernstein 


We all love Gabby Bernstein, of course. But have you read her first book, Add more ~ing to Your Life?

This book is a great starting place for anyone who is new to spirituality and manifesting. Gabby breaks it down into the most basic steps. Each step has a thirty-day formula for you to use to practice and move on to the next step. I keep this book in my purse to reference when I'm on the bus!



I hope you'll click on the affiliate links to these books on Amazon or go check them out at your local library. 


I'm really sick of reading stuffy business books and blogs that only talk about productivity hacks and financial planning. Those tactical books certainly have their place. Having a good balance of spirituality, psychology, and business tactic books is probably a good thing. So if you haven't started building the woo woo side of your library, pick a couple of books on this list and dive in!