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My 5-Step eBook Writing Process

Is it on your bucket list to write a book? That’s great!

Having a book for sale is a fantabulous way to establish yourself as an expert, generate leads, build your email list, and deliver results to your audience at a low price point.

Even if you’re not ready to write your New York Times bestseller (though we all know you will one day), if you don’t have a book for sale on your website yet, it’s time to think about creating one!

Writing a book can be an intimidatingly large project -- especially if you’ve never written more than a few hundred words.

I’m getting down and dirty on all of the details of how to create all of the content for your book. Watch today’s video to learn my no-fail, writer’s-block-proof writing process that you can use to write your first (or next) book:

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Thrash early on. Don’t wait until the project’s almost done to make big changes. @CourtRJ 

Need to write a book? Follow this easy peasy 5-step writing process! @CourtRJ


Here’s a recap of the writer’s-block-proof, 5-step eBook writing process:


1. Step One: Word vomit. Just like Planet Fitness, this is a judgment-free zone!

2. Step Two: Write the sales page. This is a magnificent way to keep yourself focused on what’s going to be of value to your reader. You don’t need to create an amazingly perfect sales page, just an effective outline of how you think you’ll be marketing the book.

3. Step Three: Create an outline. What’s the order in which you need to teach the information in your book? You can start from the beginning or reverse engineer by asking, “What’s the last thing they’ll need to know? What comes before that?”

4. Step Four: Use your resources! Comb through all of your previous content and remaster this copy for your book. This will save you a ton of time. As you find useful information, plug it into your outline!

5. Step Five: Follow a writing schedule. I personally prefer to set aside long periods of time to hammer out the content, but you might prefer writing a little bit every day.

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