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How to package sell-out services.

A couple of years ago there was this one supercool chick online who was booking out her services months in advance.

I was totally jealous of her!

At that time I was offering 5 different copywriting packages. No one ever bought one of the packages as I had organized them. I had to write a proposal for each client for the exact project. It’s called CUSTOM WORK (and it sucks! So much work! So little profit!).

My dream had always been to “book myself solid” on a systematized, perfectly packaged service.

But even though my clients were happy with my work, I couldn’t seem to get past the month-to-month style of booking… praying for my next client to show up.

All of that changed when I launched Sales Page CPR. It’s the first service that I’ve created that has booked out months in advance.

The best part? I know exactly why this service has a waiting list whereas my other services didn’t (and it’s not the quality of my work!).

Watch today’s video to find out how to tweak your service packages so that they sell out:


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Your audience doesn’t really care what you love to do. They want a result and they want it now. @CourtRJ 

PSA: Take a look at your current service package and remove ONE thing that’s nonessential. @CourtRJ 

I promise to never put “the kitchen sink” in my offers! @CourtRJ 

Ready to create service packages that sell? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Define the result. Your clients don’t care how you get there. They don’t need to know what happens behind the scenes. They just want to know that you WILL help them to get what they want.

2. Focus on ONE specific package. I know you’ve heard this before, but if you’re not doing it you need to hear it again. GET KNOWN FOR ONE THING. Be very clear on what you do. (Yes, this requires saying “no” to potential gigs. That’s where most people get tripped up).

3. Add only the essential. You don’t need to throw in the kitchen sink! In fact, it’s your job to create an offer that produces a result in the most efficient way possible. That means if it’s not adding to the result, GET RID OF IT. Don’t overwhelm your peeps. Give them exactly what they need to achieve the result and nothing more.

4. Consider scalability. The more you “productize” your service, the more clients you’ll be able to take. Get your systems, processes, and back-end shit together. We use a project management app called Asana to organize clients for Sales Page CPR.


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