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Daily / Weekly / Monthly marketing habits

When I was 21 years old, I hopped on a plane to Paris to spend a year working in a French elementary school.

PARIS WAS AMAZING. (That’s obvious, no?)

The baguettes! The one euro bottles of wine! The unpasteurized Camembert!

Not to mention the feast for your eyes -- the beautiful people always in the chicest clothes, every building is 100x older and infinitely more beautiful than an American-style strip mall.

If you’re not careful, an hour in Paris can make you feel super shitty about your life.

In this way, Paris is just like social media.

Because it’s fun, pleasurable, and addicting, we know we want to be there. But if you’re not careful, both social media and Paris can overwhelm you and make you wish you’d never known about it in the first place.

This week I’m talking to you about social media marketing. Specifically, what daily, weekly, and monthly social media habits do I have to make sure that I don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of Instagram (and more recently, Periscope)?

Watch today’s video to find out the marketing habits I have in place for my business.



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Take action now! Here’s how to develop your own easy-peasy marketing habits:

1. Daily Marketing Habits: Hang out with your peeps on social media! Update your Instagram, hop on Periscope, tweet out a great article, and respond to Facebook comments, etc. You should also keep tabs on Facebook Ads and list numbers on a daily basis.

2. Weekly Marketing Habits: Plan posts for Instagram (curate content, take screen shots of great images), make a list of Periscope topics, sift through articles you might want to share, update your weekly newsletter and publish your blog! (Don’t forget to share your blog post on your Facebook page!)

3. Monthly Marketing Habits: Curate social media content for the month and schedule it in advance!

4. Quarterly Marketing Habits: I love to get blog content done on a quarterly basis. I personally batch my blog video creation so that I only have to do it a few times per year. Quarterly marks are a great time to plan ahead for the next three months as well -- what launches, projects, profit goals do you have and how do you need to market for them?

5. Yearly Marketing Habits:  Review your social media marketing! Is it really effective or are you wasting your time? How can you tweak, tweak, tweak to make it better? How can you outsource more? Where should you be spending more and less of your energy?


What are YOUR marketing habits? Share them with me on Facebook + Twitter!