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Write Twice as Much in Half the Time

As an entrepreneur, writing is the #1 thing I do.

And it’s not because I run a copywriting business!

I spend most of my time writing copy and communications for my business -- not for my clients.

The more successful your business becomes, the more writing you’ll have to do. That’s the crux of running an online business!

The problem? Writing sucks.

(You might be shocked to hear that I usually DREAD writing!)

Writing sucks even more when you’re not prepared. You know what I’m talking about...

You open a blank document, get overwhelmed by everything you have to write, and then run away to eat ice cream (my choice is a cookie dough Blizzard from the local Dairy Queen). Amiright?!

In the video below, I’m teaching you ONE action you can take today to cut your writing time in half. It’s time to hit “play!”


Save tons of time the next time you write by doing these 3 things NOW:

1. Steal emails from your readers. It’s time to set up a copywriting swipe file for your business! I teach you how to do this in this blog post. (You know it’s important if I’m bringing it up again!)

Don’t have an audience yet? Use emails from successful businesses who are also serving your market. They’re doing the research for you :P

2. Highlight the following types of language:

  • Highlight language they use to talk about where they are now.

  • Highlight language they use to talk about where they want to be.

  • Highlight language they use to talk about how they think they’ll get there.

3. Use the words people are already using when you write copy for your business. BINGO, you just saved yourself 3 hectillion hours!


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