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The best business consultant you’ll ever find.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving in the United States, today I want to talk to you about your gut.


Yep, you heard me right. I want to talk about your gut!


Did you know that your gut is the best business consultant you could ever find?


And it’s totally free!


The problem is: you probably didn’t learn how to “follow your gut” in school.


Sure, you were taught how to create pro and con lists and make rational decisions. But I believe that your gut is a much more reliable, accurate decision-making machine.


Watch today’s video to learn my best tips on how to listen to your gut:



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Your intuition can analyze way more data than your pro and con list. @CourtRJ 


Listening to your gut requires getting familiar with your inner body. @CourtRJ  

Here are the steps to following your gut that I discussed in the video:

#1 Do a body scan. Close your eyes, get quiet, and focus all of your attention on your forehead. Feel the sensation or tingling in your forehead. Then, move your attention to your eyes, your nose, your lips, your chin. Keep going until you get to the bottom of your feet-- pausing at each part of your body to notice the feeling.

#2 Take a look at your past decisions. What was a decision that you recently had to make? Put yourself back in the feeling that you had when you had to make the choice. Bring to mind each of the options that you had. As you consider each option, take note of what you feel in your body. Are you excited in your heartspace? Do you feel like shrinking up? What decision did you end up making? Did you regret it or was it the right choice?

#3 Try out your gut on a current decision! Everyone, including you, has something that you need to deal with. Maybe you want an extra piece of pumpkin pie but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea. Consider each of your options and then close your eyes and take note of how each of these options feel in your body.

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