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Is your computer desktop a hot mess? Here's how I organize mine!

Darling, be honest.

Is your computer desktop a disaster?

Do you have files dispersed across it like the clothes on the floor of a teenager's bedroom?

Are you at a loss as to how to organize the files for your business documents?

Do you have more than one to-do list floating around in your psyche?




I understand what it's like to let your computer's organization get out of control. Just a few days ago, my entire desktop was covered with unorganized files-- most of which I didn't even need!

As I was cleaning it up and putting everything back in it's place, I had the thought that maybe you would like to know how you can clean up your digital life.


So in today's post I'm going to give you a VIP pass to come behind to scenes and see all of my secrets to how I stay organized. 



(Just an FYI that I use a MacBook Pro so my favorite tools are the ones used for Mac. However, most of these tips apply to whatever operating system you use!)


Here's what my computer Desktop looks like right now:



There's one folder on my desktop labled "LIBRARY". This is the file where I put all of the eBooks and resources I've downloaded. I put both free and paid programs in this file. 

I use Stickies for Mac (I believe there is a Sticky Notes equivalent for PC). I have a note for each of the following items:


  • MITs (Most Important Tasks) which I update each day.
  • Weekly Goals updated weekly.
  • Ideas (mostly for blog posts).
  • Personal Goals
  • Monthly Goals (where I put affirmations, business goals, reminders, etc).
  • "Looking Ahead" where I lay out events and goals coming up in the next 3-4 months.



Other than that my desktop is clean. I change the image frequently and always choose something simple and inspiring.


BEST TOOL EVER ALERT: I use a program called "Alfred" to open files with my keyboard. (I use the free version). IT'S THE BEST TOOL I'VE EVER FOUND FOR MY COMPUTER. I just have to type "Command + 0" and a little search box opens and I type the name of the program or file I want to open and then just hit "enter" to open it. 


Here's how I've set up my browser:

For my browser, I use Google Chrome.

I have a page with my favorite apps come up when I launch my Chrome browser. These include Gmail, Google Calendar, Hootsuite, and Google Drive.

I use bookmarks on my browser and have folders for various categories. The websites I use on a daily basis are in a folder titled, "Daily Tools". This includes my banks, accounting login pages, courses I visit a lot like RHH B-School, The Amazing Biz + Life Academy, and Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.


I have other folders like "DESIRE" which bookmarks sales pages for courses I want to take + things I want to buy, "GUEST POST" for websites that I'd like to write guest posts for, and "COPYWRITING" with bookmarks to articles with great copywriting advice.


Here's what my to-do lists look like:


In the past, I've used a tool called Things which I have synched to my desktop and my iPhone. This is a fantastic to-do list tool.


Recently, I've been tinkering around with Asana, which is a free online team project management system like Basecamp. I break down all of my current projects in Asana but you can do the same thing with "Things".


MOST IMPORTANTLY, I use Google Calendar. If it's not scheduled on my Google Calendar, I'm not doing it. I schedule every single task on my calendar. If you want to learn more about this process, I talk about it in depth in "From Amateur to Professional".


How I organize my documents:


I use Google Drive for ERRRYTHING! 

In my main Google Drive page, I have a folder titled "RBC" (Rule Breaker's Club) and a folder titled "Personal" for personal documents.

Inside the RBC folder I have folders labled:


  • RBC Fundamentals (this includes folders for my business dreams + plans, legal documents, financial documents, Standard Operating Procedures, and Website documents).
  • RBC Client Services (All client folders and documents for my services).
  • RBC Creative (All documents for products, ideas, etc...)
  • RBC Marketing (Social media, blogging calendar, etc).



DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR PRECIOUS DOCUMENTS! I back mine up using Google Drive, Dropbox, and my external hard drive. God forbid anything happen to your computer, you want to make sure that you're taken care of, starshine!





So those are the basic tools I use to organize my life on the computer.

If you have any questions, please do leave a comment and I'll answer it! :)


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