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A Resource List So Hot You'll Want to Have Your Way With Her.

What in zee hell do I do all day? What tools do I use? What inspires me?

Well, madame (or kind sir), let me tell you a little tale...


I'm fascinated by the routines of successful people. I've written about routines here, here, and here. However, despite the attractiveness of routine-porn, I relish in the freedom to change my own whenever I like. I rise anywhere between 6-9am every day.

In the morning, I drink peppermint tea or black coffee, check-in with social media, and watch The Today Show. Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I run a few miles. I usually have my journal by my side. I always focus on getting into a positive, peaceful mindset for the day. On weekends, I sit with my mom and talk about politics.

As far as social media is concerned, I use Hootsuite for Tweets & Facebook updates. Ideally, I plan some posts in advance (using the scheduling function), but most of my tweets are hot off the brain. Spicy, indeed.

In June 2012 I became a vegetarian, again, after reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Health Goddess Kris Carr. On November 1, 2012 I gave up all animal products after reading Crazy Sexy Kitchen . Other resources that have inspired me to eat a plant-based diet are the book Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston, the documentary Forks Over Knives and the hilariously titled book, Skinny Bitch . The book French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano changed my life at age 21. 

My pseudo office is the village coffee shop, Joe and Rosie. I also work here as a barista part-time. I've written many MailChimp email campaigns here on Croque Madame (my MacBook Pro), never without activating the StayFocused widget on my Google Chrome browser to eliminate distractions. I give myself 1 hour of Facebook per day.

When I need to get some writing done, I use WriteRoom or 750Words

In order to build my copywriting & lifestyle business, I invested in multiple programs that I highly recommend. First of all, you can't go wrong with any products from Ashley Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project. However, my favorite programs are Clients + Cash and her Copywriting Workshop.

My biggest business investment to date was in Marie Forleo's B-School. You'd be a nut not to read her stuff. Investing in B-School the best decision I've ever made (a part from these amazing skinny jeans that I bought last week).

Why do I work so hard? Because I dream of traveling! Everywhere! I'm already learning all of the dirty little travel hacking secrets that Chris Guillebeau's Travel Hacking Cartel has to offer. There is no better way to travel for cheap (read: free). In a month's time, I've already gained over 2,000 miles without spending a dime (and will soon have over 50,000 - enough for two domestic flights). Brilliant.

For travel, life, and business inspiration, I also read The Art of Nonconformity, Location180, Nonstop Awesomeness, and The Suitcase Entrepreneur (girl power in the travel world!)


But don't stop there, angelface. I have an announcement to make!


People keep asking me, "What books do you read?" and "What inspires you?" 

So, I thought about listing all of my favorite books, programs, and blogs on a resource page.

But that sounded too run-of-the-mill. To average. ICK! (Plus, I had almost 100 items on my list and I thought that'd be a taaaad overwhelming).


Instead, I'm creating a "Resources of the Month" page.

I'll update it every month with the books/programs/shiz that inspired me THAT MONTH. This way, you can skip along right by my side. Who knows? Maybe we can even create a super adorable online book club. But we all have to dress like Sherlock Holms and speak with English accents. 


Wanna know which resources I pruned for the month of November?


Thoughts on Average.

Average is...

Doing what is expected of you, whether it's taking a job, eating a sandwich, or showing up at a party, if it's not what you genuinely want to do. If it's not what you secretly crave. 

Average is a refusal to decide. Average is hopeless. It's cowardice. It's boring.

Average makes you un-interesting. Average gives you nothing to talk about. Average repels questions from everyone except other average folk.

Averageness stems from a disconnect of body and soul. Because while average bodies are common, average souls do not exist. (Have you listened to yours lately?)

Average is the antithesis of living. It's mindlessness.

The antithesis of average? Well, that's exceptional. 

Are you average or are you exceptional? Your actions will show you. Simply examine what you've been doing all day.


What will you do today to be exceptional?