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3 Tricks To Stop Procrastinating Writing Your Copy 

Raise your hand if you can think of a piece of copy that you *should* have written already buuuuut you haven’t.


Maybe it was a sales page you should have started a month ago.


It can be a blog post, an automated email, your About Page, your Work With Me Page...anything!


Did you wknow that even professional writers resist sitting down to write?


In fact, we’re the worst at it!


I almost always find something to distract me from writing.


After many years working as a writing coach and copywriter, I know that there are 3 reasons you’re procrastinating writing that copy (or think that you hate writing).


If you can recognize which one of these is the root of your procrastination it’s SUPER easy to address the issue and let it go.

(1) You’re trying to make it perfect on the first draft.

The solution here is ALWAYS to go back to the trusty ol’ writing process!

I teach my writing process in detail + cure writer’s block in the Total Knockout Copywriting Course, but here’s the writing process in a nutshell:

You shouldn’t even think about writing a first draft until you’ve done a freewrite, brainstorm, research, and created an outline.

And even then, your first draft will be total shit!

*Collective sigh of relief!!*

(2) You’re disconnected from the topic.

It kills me to see gorgeous, fabulous, superstar entrepreneurs who feel chocked by their own businesses.

I see so many health coaches who have become so fixated on launching their business that they’ve resorted to staying up late on the computer eating cheatos and drinking diet coke.

I’ve seen interior designers who feel like they have to write about certain topics in their blog because every business website tells them that’s what they *should* do.


Go back and connect with why you became obsessed with your industry in the first place. THEN start writing.

(3) You don’t know how to write the type of copy you need to write.

I saved this one for last because it’s the most pervasive!

Writing copy can be especially overwhelming because you read all kinds of tips and don’t have a specific system for creating a sales page.

Most of us are decent writers. We did OK in English class. We kind sorta understand what to do with a comma and know the difference between their, there, and they’re.

But do you know how to use words to get people to do what you want them to do?

Do you know how to use words strategically without being pushy, salesy, or douche-baggy?

We’re talking about copywriting.

Copywriting is just a fancy term for using words to inspire action. Often, the action you want to inspire is getting peeps to be buying yer shiz.

So I have one last question for you, lovebucket:

Would you like more people to be “inspired” by your words and take the actions you want them to take?


That’s the right answer.

(If you said “no”, then CLOSE DOWN YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW).

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