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Behind the scenes: Here's what's in my portable office...


Do you ever go work at coffee shops or take your work with you when you travel?

If so, you need a portable office!


The portable office is one of my secrets to staying sane when I take my work outside of my apartment.

Before I created this one-stop-shop for all of my goodies, I always ended up at the coffee shop having forgotten a pen and paper, my headphones, or worse... my wallet!

I used to throw all of my work stuff into a giant purse or canvas bag at the last minute before running out the door in the morning.

Not only did this habit make me feel frantic and unprepared, but carrying my computer around in a shoulder bag started to cause me back problems.


I knew that using a backpack would be better for my health, but I wanted a backpack fit for a creative entrepreneur (instead of a seventh grader).

I scowered the internet for months before I found this beauty at Modcloth. (This one isn't available anymore, but there's tons of cute ones here). 



Now that I have the cutest backpack ever, I keep it packed up with the tools I need when I work outside of my office:



My computer case lives in my backpack when I'm at home.

A notebook is my best friend for jotting down ideas, sketching out blog posts, or brainstorming copy for a client.

Colorful pens + a highlighter make taking notes more enjoyable.

A document organizer (that cost $1 at Target) houses the loose papers for any current proejcts I'm working on as well as my to do chart.

My Kindle is always with me. Always. 

The iPhone and wallet are obviously necessary...

And I pack my water bottle with a snack to make sure I don't get famished or dehydrated while out and about.


The one thing I forgot to put in this picture? HEADPHONES. These are especially handy when you work at a coffee shop with loud kids, bad music, or annoying people talking on the phone at the table next to you.



Alright all of you office supply nerds, I'm curious: what office tools do you have in your portable office?


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