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4 Ways to Make Your Offer Irresistible 

Hello darling!

Do you have a product, service, thingamabob that you want to launch into the world?

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly creating and testing new products.

The sad part?

Most of our offers fall totally flat.

You spend hours and hours and hours preparing the sales copy, the shopping cart, the application form and then…


It’s the worst thing in the world for a hard-working entrepreneur like yourself!

So how do you ensure that your offer is totally irresistible? I’ve got 4 tips for crafting impossible-to-say-no-to offers in today’s video:


Let’s tweet about launching stuff!


The secret to selling out: create things people already want to buy. @CourtRJ 

Sometimes eCourses are not the best solutions to a problem. @CourtRJ 

A confused mind always says no. Keep it simple, sillypants! @CourtRJ 



Here are your success-guaranteeing action steps for this week:


1. What are your readers BEGGING you to create? This is literally how I came up with the idea for our sold-out-for-months-and-months service, Sales Page CPR. People kept asking me to review their sales pages and I kept saying “no, I don’t do that” until one day I asked myself...WHY DON’T I DO THAT?

2. What’s the best way to package up your expertise? Newsflash: it might not be in the form of an “eCourse”. Listen, I think eCourses are fabulous, but I’ve come to the realization that the answer to every problem is not a 6-week online program. What’s the BEST way to teach people the lesson? Can you do it with fewer bells and whistles? That brings me to my next point…

3. Keep it simple, sillypants! For the love of Pete, PLEASE STOP ADDING EVERYTHING + THE KITCHEN SINK TO YOUR OFFERS. You’re overwhelming people and putting way too much work on your own shoulders. I’ve made this mistake plenty of times. Trust me, complicated offers are much harder to sell than simple ones. What can you remove from your offer?

4. Create a sizzlin’ sales page. Now that you’ve got a super-cool offer that people want, it’s time to plan your launch. The numero uno component of a launch is your sales page. It’s where people say “yes!” and pay you for your offer so it’s essential.


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