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The marketing secrets hiding in your email inbox.


If you have a beating heart and are an entrepreneur, I’m guessing that you get one gazillion emails every single day. (Did I mention that I’m really bad at math?)


Let’s face it: we’re all overwhelmed. I personally have a self-care and meditation routine that I have to follow in order to stay sane. If I ever miss my oatmeal and chai tea breakfast, you’re well advised to keep your distance!


In order to take back control of our lives and deal with the influx of emails, most people I talk to have started unsubscribing from emails.


And while I understand and honor this approach, I have a different way of looking at my email.


Instead of viewing them as anxiety-producing distractions, I now put on my “marketing” goggles every time I login to my email inbox.


As a copywriter, I’m obsessed with analyzing everyone’s copy (even yours!). Whether emails are compelling or suck-tastic, you better bet I’m taking notes.


If you’re an online business owner, you’re also a copywriter and a marketer, so I think you’ll love the tips I’m going to share in this week’s video.



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“If you run an online business, you should want to know how to get your emails opened.” @CourtRJ 

#Copywriting tip: Save compelling email subject lines in a swipe folder labeled “email copy” @CourtRJ 

“When an email subject line makes you want to gag, take note.” @CourtRJ 

Pay special attention to marketing that works on YOU. @CourtRJ 

It’s time to take action, buttercup! Here’s a reminder of what I asked you to do in the video:

Create an email swipe folder! When you find email subject lines that you can’t help but to open, add them to the folder. Then, when you’re writing the sequences for your next launch, you can use this folder for inspiration! I’m all about finding the quickest, easiest, laziest ways of hacking into creativity :)

Go into your inbox right now and find one email subject line that you love, and one that makes you want to stick a fork in your eye. In fact, I recommend doing this every day until you make it a habit to put on your “marketing goggles” every time you read your email. This is how I have consistent email open rates above 30% (and sometimes 40%).

Pay attention to other entrepreneurs’ email sequences for their launches. After a bit of practice, it’s pretty easy to spot when someone’s giving free content to lead up to a launch. Pay extra special attention to their email subject lines and email content. Hell, I also recommend paying attention to their free launch content and attending their free event and TAKE NOTES.

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