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A surprising trick for gaining your prospective clients’ trust.


They’re known for being pushy, sleazy, shove-it-down-your-throat-y.

I once had a sales coach tell me to “make my offer the solution to every problem.”

This strategy sounded super tacky to me, but it’s what most salespeople do!

Common sense might tell you that it’s a bad idea to acknowledge that there’s anything wrong with your product or service. When you’re selling something, you’re supposed to say that it’s perfect! The solution to everything! Everyone needs it!

Obviously I’m not going to recommend telling anyone that your product sucks. That would be silly.

However, I would like you to hit “play” on this video so I can show you how to use your product’s “downside” to your advantage:



Acknowledging the downside to your service (and positioning it as a benefit) can help you to come across as more real and less salesy. People love honesty!


There’s a “catch” to every offer. Mention yours before your client asks about it and you’ll gain their trust. @CourtRJ 

Use your offer’s “downside” to your advantage! @CourtRJ 


Here’s how you can use the “downside” of your offers to build trust:

1. Acknowledge the limitations of your offer. If you’re offering a service, that means there’s a limited number of bookings. If you’re offering an eCourse, that means there might not be any one-on-one interaction.

2. Is the downside a trade-off for something else? For example, the downside to my service, Sales Page CPR, is that it’s semi-custom. This means that my clients have to write their own copy before I perform the service. The reason for this, however, is to make sure that the copy is written in the client’s voice. It also allows me to charge a cheaper price and make the service more accessible.

3. Mention the downside before they do. Don’t let the prospect ask you about the downside before you bring it up. If this happens, it may look like you’re hiding something. When you mention it first, it shows that you are laying all of your cards on the table.


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