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3 Magic Questions to Prepare Your Biz for the Next Level

You want success and you want it bad.

So bad, in fact, that you can taste the sweet happiness of your ideal life.

You’d love to get 3, 5, or even 10 new clients. And though you don’t want to admit it, you ooze with jealousy when you see entrepreneurs with year-long wait lists.

How in the hell did they do it?!

It’s frustrating, right? You totally deserve a client wait list, too

Can I be really honest?

My business didn’t really start as a business.

Actually, The Rule Breaker’s Club used to be called “La Fille Américaine” and was a lifestyle blog about my life in Paris back in 2011.

Well, my little lifestyle blog soon transformed into a résumé writing business and after many rebirths finally became The Rule Breaker’s Club that you see right now.

Being a freelancer is a loooot different from running a business. As my business has grown, I’ve had to constantly update how things are done (re: documenting processes in an Operations Manual instead of making it up off the top of my head each time).

Are the systems you have today enough to carry you to the business you want tomorrow?

Watch the video below to learn the 3 magic questions you can ask yourself to find out what updates you need to make to reach the next level of success:



I recommend keeping these questions in your back pocket to refer to as often as possible. Tweet ‘em to remember ‘em!

Great Q! If 10 new clients came knocking on your door, how would you handle the work? @CourtRJ 

Love this -> How would you handle a whirlwind of success? @CourtRJ 

Set up your systems for the business you want, not the business you have. @CourtRJ 


Grab a sticky note and write down the 3 magic windfall questions to post on your wall!:

1. What are my systems for 10 new clients? If a slew of excited new clients came knocking on your door today, how would you handle it? What step-by-step process would you use to set each of them up?

2. What would I do if my list doubled? Quadrupled? Would you need to get a new email service provider? Would you set up more automated emails? How would you handle the increase in reader emails?

3. Is my business capable of handling the amount of clients I want? We’d all love a client list a mile long, but would it be too much to handle for your current systems? How can you upgrade your client management processes to make sure nothing would fall through the cracks? Do you need to consider hiring help?

Share the magic questions with your tribe! (We guarantee they’ll love it.)