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Something crazy happens when people start a business.


I swear, it’s like one day you’re a human being having normal, healthy conversations with other people and then the next day, POW!


You turn into an awkward business robot.


Suddenly, you find yourself at networking events giving “elevator pitches” and “making contacts.”


In an instant, a life of normal human communication gets thrown out the window.


In the online world, you switch from posting drunken party pictures on Facebook to curating strategic social media posts.


Let me make one thing clear: I’m all about self-promotion. I think you should be shouting your business from the rooftops!


But while it’s great to get jiggy with strategy and take over the world with your kick-ass business, you’ll find yourself out of alignment without a paddle if you don’t make a conscious effort to be HUMAN in all of your interactions.


You’re not a sales robot -- you’re a human. The good news? Your clients are humans, too.


If you feel totally awkward talking about sales, you don’t want to miss this week’s video. Click play and I’ll walk you through a really natural way of approaching sales (so natural, in fact, it shouldn’t be called sales!):



Solidify your human-ness with this week’s tweets!


Feel awkward selling yourself? The antidote is easier than you can imagine. @CourtRJ 

You’re not a sales robot -- you’re a human. The good news? Your clients are humans, too! @CourtRJ 

Stop selling and start romancing. @CourtRJ 


Alright, m’dear, it’s time to take action. Here’s your assignment for this week:


1. Reach out to a new person! You can do this online via email / social networking OR you can attend an in-person networking event.


2. Forget about business. When you ignite the conversation, do it as a normal, polite, interesting person. (Try starting out by paying your new contact a genuine compliment without worrying about what you’ll get in return).


3. Ask her questions about herself. This is easier in person than online, so remember to keep your emails short and your questions short and to the point. It shouldn’t take them more than 5 minutes to respond.