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9 Tips For Writing An Irresistible Sales Page (That Won't Make You Want to Throw Your MacBook at the Wall)


Sales Pages!

Work With Me Pages!


This is where you have to put your money where your mouth is and actually ASK people to pay you to do what you do.


Not surprisingly, this is also where most people freak the F out. 

So, because you don't have a business if you're not selling something...

And because you're not going to sell anything if you don't know anything about sales...


Today I'm giving you 9 tips for writing a sales page that will feel fun, and happy, and like you're actually making the world a better place.


Remember the world needs what you have to offer.


You're a one-of-a-kind model, gorgeous.

And no pressure or anything, but there are people out there who need you, want you, and are willing to pay lotsa money to buy what you're selling. Don't be a hog!


Know every detail of what you're offering.


You'd be SHOCKED to know how many sales pages fail to sell because the offer's not clear enough. (My rough estimate is that 80% of sales pages suck at this).

Can you make your offer more clear, darling?

Good. Now do it!


Know who you're selling to.


Listen. I'm not a big fan of all of these "ideal customer profile" exercises that have taken the online business world by storm.

Honestly, it really doesn't matter if your ideal customer is 5 feet tall or has blonde hair. What's important is the thoughts she's thinking in her head. 

I hope you took that last sentence seriously. It's gold.


Know the result you're promising.


I don't care if you're an artist, a psychologist, a musician, a health coach, a photographer, or a cancer researcher.

How are you making your clients lives more beautiful? TELL ME IN DETAIL.


Make me trust you.


Don't squirm.

You don't need to go back to college or beef up your résumé.

You do, however, need to get testimonials.

I don't care if you're just starting out in business, go get some testimonials from old colleages, teachers, friends, gym buddies, and anyone else you can think of who can attest to your mad skills. 


Know why I'm going to resist buying your shit.


Here's the scenario:

I read your sales page. I want what you're selling. I get to the "buy now" page, and then...I don't buy it. 


It's called an objection.

I have a voice in my head that's telling me all of the "rational" reasons why I shouldn't spend my money on one more godforsaken product or service. 

Want to make your coaching services a no brainer?

Then you need to have a list of every single objection someone might have to contacting you or saying "yes".

Then, you need to address those objections on your sales page (ever heard of an FAQ section?).


Stop trying to be witty and clever on demand.


Writing is 90% preparation, research, brainstorming, freewriting, and organizing.



Freewrite. Always.


Freewrites don't get enough credit.

Guess what? Whenever I skip this step I feel lost.

So set aside 30 minutes to dump your brain on the paper without judgment. It's fun!


Lighten up!


For the sake of everything that is holy, stop taking your life, your business, and especially your sales page so darn seriously.

Say something cute.

Say something funny.

Say something that has nothing to do with anything.

You can always cut it out later.

The writing process should be a BLAST. If it's not fun, you're not doing it right.


I know this copywriting stuff can be annoyingly hard. That's because it's all about empathy and creativity and understanding other human beings.

The thing is, you don't have a choice. If you ever want a successful online business, you've GOT to master the art of copywriting.

The 9 tips above are super duper fun and effective, and I've got way more to say on this subject. WAY MORE.


I've broken down my enetire copywriting process into a six week online course. I'd absolutely love for you to join us! 


Enrollment is open until Sunday, March 23. 

I really sincerely hope you'll enroll. This course is a game-changer AND you get lifetime access (even when the price goes up by more than 50% for the next round).


The one skill you can't outsource.


This topic has brought up a truck load of emotional baggage for me, as I'm sure it has for you.



How do you feel when you read those words?


For a lot of people it feels...

 Hard, bitchy, egotistical, superficial, fake.


Self. Promotion.

Are you in business?

Do you have a blog? A website? A work-with-me page? A product for sale?


The problem with "self-promotion" is that it's all about YOU.

So I propose we start using a different term entirely.

Because promotion isn't about self. It's about other.

Promotion is about taking what you've created and making sure that other people can see it.   


Promotion is using a specific set of guidelines (we'll get to that in a minute) that ensure that you communicate what you're offering in a way that resonates with other people and makes them say "Yes. I want that. I want that and I want it now."


So instead of calling it "self-promotion", why don't we call it COURAGE?

Why don't we call it...





If you're in business, you don't have a choice.

You can outsource web design, get a marketing director, hire a copywriter (hello!).

But you can't outsource courage.

You can't outsource knowing how to talk about what you do.

You can't oursource putting yourself out there.


It's the hard part. And it's the part YOU have to do.

You have to know exactly how to get someone to "yes!"

You have to know what makes your product + service worth the money.

You have to know how to package + position your magical, wonderful, amazing talents so that other people can recognize them as what they need. 


It's not self promotion. It's courage.

It's psychology.

It's understanding other people.

It's having a genuine love for your readers, clients, and customers-- the same kind of love that makes it so easy for you to buy the perfect birthday gift for your best friend. BECAUSE YOU KNOW HER THAT WELL.


Recently, a client of mine told me that she's overwhelmed by everything she's learned about copywriting, marketing, self-promotion

So as we created the copy for her website, I showed her my process.

I gave her my "secrets".

I showed her step-by-step how to create copy the next time she needs it (so that she doesn't have to depend on me every time).



Finally, she knew how to run her business with confidence.

Finally, she stopped re-writing her work-with-me page, because she knew EXACTLY what to put on it to get people to say "yes, please!"

Finally, she had the skills to do it herself.


I want to give you the same feeling.

I want you to feel excited about your business again.

I want you to know that business doesn't have to be so....hard.

I want you to be confident and cool as a cucumber when you package and position your products and services so that you'll have the COURAGE to tell everyone about them.


When it's done the right way, you can feel confident knowing that the right people (the clients you love) will find you. 

(Which means that constant anxiety in your chest can go away!)


If that sounds like something you'd,, then I would, um... love for you to come to my free workshop: "10 COPYWRITING COMMANDMENTS".


  • You get free worksheets that will help you focus-in on the specific copywriting issues you're having in your business.


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  • You'll have a formula that you can use instead of a bunch of random tips that make you feel frazzled. (Amen, sisterfriend!)



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