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Your New + Improved Happiness Equation

I'm here to help you to find happiness & success. Yes, there is an equation for it. 

It's definitely not this one:

9-5 job + a nice cubical + 3 kids + a house in the suburbs + a rich spouse + a minivan = happiness

The conventional American Dream formula for happiness (above) has one teeny, tiny flaw: It isn't making you happy!

It might make other people happy, though I insist they are putting on one of those all-American "I'm fine" smiles and are not willing to face their own limitations (more on that later). 

We all know that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for happiness, yet you continue to do the following: 

  • Compare your successes + lifestyles to those of everyone around you.
  • Try to squeeze yourself into the traditional formula (but really, it's never a good idea to squeeze yourself into anything).

Why do you do this even though you know better?

Becaaauuuuse, my dear friend, making decisions about your life is HARD. In fact, making decisions about everything is hard. Haven't you ever orderd a pizza, bought a prom dress, or chosen a major?

We look for a way to force other people to make decisions for us: our friends' pizza topping preferences (what do you want? No, what do you want?), fashion magazines, or what the job market requires.

We haven't yet learned how to make decisions from our gut in a way that makes us feel powerful.

You have to stop trying to keep up with the Jones' (their grass is an ugly shade of green anyway).

Comparing yourself to others will only make you miserable. Your happiness formula can contain WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT as long as it makes you H-A-P-P-Y.

In fact, the number one regret of the dying elderly is that they lived life according to other people's rules. DON'T DO THIS.

It will take a combination of self-confidence, guts, riskiness, courage, and motivation. 

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable, face some fears, and learn new things. 

But if you do so, you're going to have a pretty fantastic experience on this here planet.

Sounds good?

Welcome to the club.

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