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Treasures for you from Rock Bottom

This week, I hit rock bottom. 

How did I know this?

Oh, a few reasons: I started sympathizing with homeless people, screaming at loved ones for no reason at all, and considering the fact that I might not be able to brush my teeth if I couldn't afford toothpaste.

I've been feeling out of whack for weeks, but yesterday was definitely the rocky bottom of it all.


This is not a sob story about my stressful week. Do not send me "I hope you're alright" messages. 

As it just so happens, I found some treasures hidden in those sharp, dirty rocks.

And as it just so happens, I'd like to share my treasures with you (if you say please). 

Here are the three things I learned at the bottom:

1. Once negativity strikes, it's hard to fight that sucker off.

Negativity and hopelessness (aka the demon voice inside of your head that tells you why your life sucks) feeds on you to become stronger. You have to ceremoniously slaughter it, do some voodoo magic, and make some sort of change in your life in order to become human again.

2. The way I've been trained to think about money is completely backwards.

Whenever I need more money I'm told to save on gas or to cut back on Starbucks. 

But, I don't buy gas and I don't drink lattes, so what's left to cut back?

I am not cutting back on toothpaste. That's just gross. 

If I can't cut back on costs, but I need more money, what on earth should I do?

I decided to do the thing that no one does-- the thing that is based on "luck" or "experience".

I decided to earn more money. 

I have spent the past four days creating an online business to earn more money, and have invested all of my euro pennies in to making it great.

But earning more money is not just a solution for those who cannot cut back anymore-- it's a solution for anyone who needs more money. It's just not a solution we often hear about from even the best of personal finance experts (ahem Suze Orman).  

3. A serious lack of money causes stress so bad that your blood thickens and your mind runs wild. 

Note: This is bad.

I refuse to let a lack of money harm my health. That would be the ultimate form of selling out.

Fortunately, I have a great solution for the mind chatter.

Earlier today, as I glanced over my Bucket List, I saw the item "meditate every morning for a week"

My first thought?


So, this week I am going to try to meditate at least once every single day, calm my inner critic, and check this item off of my bucket list.


What I have shared with you here is just the beginning.

These 3 points about negativity leeches, money making, and tranquility have struck such a chord with me that I want to focus on exploring them more profoundly.

Expect an update about each one in the near future-- especially the money making thing. I think you'll like that one (if all goes well). 


PS: I suppose I can add another check to the item, "fail miserably several times".

PPS: Immediately after writing this I brushed my teeth.

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Reader Comments (3)

Hey Courtney,

I feel your pain! I'm having a rock bottom type summer as far as my career goes, and I'm finding it difficult to enjoy my summer/youth when all I can think about is how my career might not go about as planned.

PS you are a great writer, and your blog posts have helped me gain perspective this summer. I started reading when you posted them on Facebook. It caught my eye because you were talking about France (this year I started taking French classes again), but your twenty-something posts have really helped me!

August 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda Nemeth

Amanda! So good to hear from you! How are you?!

I'm glad you're finding some perspective in the posts-- that's what they're for.

Also, go download my eBook! It's free, you just have to click on the picture of it on the eBook page!

Aaannnd, if you EVER want to talk about France or need help with French I am your gal! Just send me a FB message!

I'm doing well, how are you doing? How is life in France?

I will definitely read your eBook. And thank you, I might need some help this semester, I have French 3. It's funny because I only started taking French again for graduation requirements, but it turns out that I actually enjoy it now, and I have found it to be a very valuable experience.

Keep braking rules!

August 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmanda

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