These are the programs that have helped me to build my business.

The following programs are things that I have actually used and people who I have actually worked with to grow my business from absolutely nothing to six figures. I credit each of the following entrepreneurs for helping me to earn tens of thousands of dollars each and highly recommend anything they create as I have no doubt that it will rock your world and change your life.

Please Note: I am a proud affiliate of The Conquer Club, Melyssa Griffin, and Denise Duffield Thomas and may receive commission if you enroll in any of their programs after clicking one of the links on this page.

The Conquer Club with Natalie MacNeil.

Since late 2013 I've been a loyal member, mentor, and partner of The Conquer Club (affiliate link) and recommend it to just about everyone who comes across my path. The Conquer Club is a year-long incubator that opens for enrollment every October.

I HIGHLY recommend joining the Inner Circle, Natalie's higher level mastermind where you'll join Natalie for laser-focused sprints and even get to join her on an in-person retreat. Oh yeah, did I mention that Natalie has an Emmy Award?

Feel free to email me at with questions. As a mentor and partner of The Conquer Club, I offer a big bonus each year for anyone who enrolls through me.



Melyssa Griffin at


All Programs by Melyssa Griffin

I've had the honor of getting to work with and see Melyssa Griffin's programs first-hand. I've never seen such simple, practical, CRAZY IMPRESSIVE instructions lead to as huge of results as I have with Melyssa's programs.

Specifically, I have to tell you that if you're looking for ways to explode your email list (for free) List Surge (affiliate link) teaches you the legit best strategies. If you want to go for Melyssa's big Kahuna and signature secret, Pinfinite Growth (affiliate link), I also can tell you that her lessons have turned Pinterest into my #1 traffic source in less than 2 months. I'm now spending more time implementing Pinterest strategies than any other list growth strategy.

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield Thomas.

This is hands down my favorite online program out there. I devoured Denise's book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch when I first started my business (in its current form) in 2012. In late 2013 I "bit the bullet" and enrolled in the bootcamp. Denise's bootcamp has helped me to earn / attract / manifest tens of thousands of dollars, blow past my personal income plateaus, and identify my own money blocks (I am shocked by how many I have!). I recommend every woman on planet earth join The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp .