4 Questions You Should Always Answer in Your FAQs

The questions to answer in a frequently asked question (FAQ) section on your sales page

There’s one awkward section of every sales page that often stumps business owners.

What is that section, you ask?

Frequently Asked Questions!

You might say that a “frequently asked question” that I get is “What do I put in my FAQ section?”

Today, I’m giving you 4 essential FAQs to add to your sales pages to get you started.

In essence, the entire sales page is answering people’s biggest questions about your offer. It provides the features and benefits of what you’re offering and explains what the buyer will get out of it.

In fact, I want you to start looking at every piece of marketing you do through this lense — Am I answering the reader’s biggest questions?

While the bulk of your sales page may contain fanciful language and witty repartee, the FAQ section is a great place to “give it to ‘em” straight and stick to the basics.

That said, here are a few core questions you should include in all of your FAQ sections:

#1 How and when is it delivered / do we get started?

The moments after people hit the buy button are generally when they are the most excited. So, people always want to know more about what happens immediately after they say “yes” to giving you their money.

Think about where they will go, what they will receive or anything they have to do right after that buy button. Address that in this FAQ to help them feel secure about what will happen next.

#2 Is this offer right for me?

This is a big one you’ll receive again and again in your customer service inbox. Every buyer thinks their situation is unique but really, most are going to fall into a few key areas that you can describe in this FAQ.

So start by identifying what patterns you see from the different categories of buyers and what lingering questions they often have. You’ll generally find 3 segments of customers for your offers that you can talk to in this FAQ.

Consider how you can speak to each category specifically to let them know why and how this offer is right for them.

And be real here, if there’s a category your offer is not a fit for, you can include that here as well. This helps build trust with your audience because most products are not a good fit for everyone so why pretend that they are?

#3 How much time will this take?

No matter what you’re selling, you’re bound to get the question “how much time will this take”. People want to know how much time this experience will take before they start seeing results.

It’s important to be authentic here so if you’re program will take hours and hours, say that. But, try to find a fun way of answering it so you’re not boring them in the process.


Every single offer you put out there is going to come with it’s own set of objections and questions. While you’re addressing these throughout your entire sales page – take some time to consider the #1 reason people are saying no to your offer. When you’re considering this, I want you to take money OFF the table so you’re really digging into the heart of the offer.

For example, on the Sales Page Kit sales page, I have the question “what if I’m a shitty writer?” because that’s a big hesitation people have. They’re not sure that I, the professional copywriter, will be able to help them.

#5 Bonus – what do I do if I have more questions?

No matter how good your sales page and FAQs are, people may have more questions they want answered. So be sure to include an FAQ that tells people an email address they can use to touch with customer service to get those questions answered.

This helps you provide good customer service to your potential buyers and helps you understand them even better as you collect more and more questions from them.

I would love to know in a comment below –

What is one question you think you can address in an FAQ –besides the money thing?

What is a reason people might be hesitating when it comes to saying yes to your offer and how can you address it in an FAQ?

Can’t wait to hear from you!