How to Add Scarcity to An Evergreen Product

Today’s post is inspired by the number one thing people have been asking me lately is “how do I create scarcity when my product is available all the time?”

There is nothing sexier in the online marketing world than an evergreen info product that sells itself like hotcakes – and I get it because I was very attracted to that sexiness as well.

But when I started researching how to set up an evergreen funnel, I didn’t like a lot of the methods I saw out there.

I’m not a fan of pretending you’re “live” when you’re not. Or, adding in fake participants to the chat saying fake things. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to set up my evergreen funnel without doing these sleazy things.

In today’s post, I’m breaking down my exact evergreen funnel for The Sales Page Kit (and I invite you to join me!).

Here are the tools I use for my evergreen webinar:

#1 Everwebinar

The first tool I use is Everwebinar to deliver the pre-webinar emails and the webinar itself. This allows you to create a webinar that is evergreen that people can sign up for several times a day.

#2 Leadpages

This is one of my favorite tools that I highly recommend to all online business owners. I use LeadPages in my evergreen funnel to create the registration and thank you pages for the webinar.

#3 Infusionsoft

This one is what I use for my email marketing tool and ecommerce platform. Infusionsoft is the most robust of the tools I use for the evergreen funnel but it does serve several other important purposes in my business. It allows me to integrate the Leadpages sign up form with Everwebinar and Deadline Funnel (see below) to authentically deliver the evergreen offer.

#4 Deadline Funnel

With Deadline Funnel (affiliate link), I can create the expiring links that allow me to truly offer a special deal for a limited time. This creates expiring links based on when a person signs up so that they only can take advantage of the special bonuses and discounts I offer for the 72 hours I promise.

Once that link expires, it expires to help create that scarcity that encourages people to purchase now!

To some of you, this whole evergreen funnel thing may sound very simple and to others it may be more on the confusing side. That’s ok!

I promise you I’m not super techy and I was able to work it out for my business. I know that you will get to a point where you’re ready to set something like this up, too.

Want to see how my evergreen funnel works in real time? You can sign up for it here!