3 Affirmations to Help You Get Over Your Fear of Sending Marketing Emails

You write great marketing emails to your email list and then you never send them! This blog post will help you get over your fear of sending email to your subscribers!

When you launch a digital program, you need to create a TON of things.

You need an offer that delivers on the result, a super-compelling sales page that outlines all of the features and benefits, and probably do some sort of pre-launch like a webinar or video series to get people excited about the topic.

However, there’s one piece you’re probably avoiding that can more than double your sales: email marketing!

This might not be news to you — you’ve been on the receiving end of emails from super celeb online marketers like Marie Forleo, Sephora, ModCloth, etc. But when it comes to writing your own email marketing sequence, you might be getting stuck.

When you sit down to write marketing emails to your list, do you feel nervous?

I hear people saying things like…

Am I going to annoy my subscribers by sending out sales emails? Are they going to hate me?

How much is too much email?

I have a hard enough time sending a regular newsletter let alone writing all of these emails. I’ll write them as they come up when the material is fresh in my mind.

You probably should know that I’m a huge fangirl of Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Recently, Amy did a 2-part podcast on list building and it totally inspired me to do a similar type of thing with email marketing.

In next week’s video, I’m going to give you the nuts and bolts of how to write an excellent email sequence. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter if you “know how to do it” if you’re totally freaked out by the idea of sending more email.

If you feel 100% confident writing and sending emails to your list, you can skip this video.

However, if you’ve got mental crap preventing you from pouring your best stuff into your emails and hitting “publish”, I definitely want you to hit “play” on this video:



To avoid self-sabotaging your email marketing, write, edit, and schedule your emails in advance!

In fact, no matter what, you should be scheduling your email marketing in advance.


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3 affirmations to get your head in gear before you write email marketing http://ow.ly/YVSp5 @CourtRJ Twitter Bird Image

Email marketing needs to be scheduled in advance, no matter what http://ow.ly/YVSp5 @CourtRJ Twitter Bird Image


Here are the 3 affirmations to help you build a profitable email marketing mindset.

#1 I’m running a successful business.

It’s true! You are a business owner and as such, you absolutely must implement the very best sales and marketing strategies. A HUGE part of running a successful online business is having an email marketing strategy. Remember, the people who opted into your list have asked to hear more about your topic from you. And that leads me to the next affirmation…

#2 I’m providing solutions at various price points to help people at every level.

There will always be a percentage of people in your audience who want everything for free (I’ve got ‘em, too!). That’s ok! By providing content on your blog, podcast, or wherever, you are giving people a way to learn from you for free. As a business owner (see Affirmation #1), however, you also must offer paid products and programs for people who would like more in-depth training on your topic.

#3 Anyone who doesn’t want to hear more about my topic can unsubscribe.

Not to be blunt, but if they don’t like your jam, they can leave at any time. You are here to help the people who need you and you can’t worry about the people who don’t.

Thank goodness for competition! There are plenty of products and services out there and if someone is not happy with the products or services that you offer (or your personal style), they will certainly be able to find someone who is perfect for them.
That’s why whenever someone unsubscribes from my list (or tells me that they don’t like my style), I always wish them the best and do a little happy dance. Why? Because it means that I’m that much closer to serving the people who LOVE what I do.