The Guide to Creating Mouthwatering Bonuses for Your Next Launch

Have you opened the cart to an online course launch and the crickets didn't even show up? You might be scratching your head wondering why no one is buying. You need better bonuses!

Have you opened the cart to a launch and the crickets didn’t even show up?

You might be scratching your head wondering why no one is buying.

Is it you? Is it your product?

I hear about this issue from entrepreneurs all the time. And I’ve got great news — It’s not just you!

In fact, there’s a simple explanation for why nobody is buying your product just yet. Click play on the video below so I can give you some strategies and tips on how to encourage sales all throughout a launch!

There are lots of ways to create “scarcity” for a launch. Any seasoned online launcher will tell you that the key is to do something. In fact, they’ll probably tell you to do multiple somethings.

I want to focus today though on the magic of bonuses.

The best bonuses walk a fine line between something that vastly enhances your program but isn’t entirely necessary in order to go through your program.

A bonus shouldn’t be required to get the result your program promises so it’s important that it’s not a part of the program you’re merely labeling as a bonus.

Here are some of my favorite bonuses:

  • Done for you scripts, templates, plug-and-play guides
  • Bonus trainings from other experts on a topic related to your offer
  • Discounts to software that your customers may need

Here are some questions to help you come up with great bonuses:

  • What would someone love to get their hands on that I’m not currently selling?
  • What could I give someone to make it way easier for them to get the most out of my paid offer?
  • What’s the #1 question or hesitation people still have that’s making them hesitate to buy? How can I create a bonus that specifically helps them with this objection?
  • What is something that can help them right now to be more prepared to get more out of my offer?
  • What might they need after finishing my offer? What’s the next step to get them to the next level?

That said, I see way too many people creating bonuses and then… not telling anyone about them!

It’s not enough to simply have the bonuses. You’ve got to sell the crap out of your bonuses, my dear!

Here are some ways you can put a spotlight on your bonuses to make sure people see them and say, “gimme that!”.

#1 During the Pitch

Be sure to talk about your bonuses during your sales pitch at the end of your free training. Let people know that if you purchase right now you’re going to get access to these bonuses. And of course, sell them well here.

#2 On Your Sales Page

After you introduce your offer on your sales page and lay out the price, you want to add a section that talks about your bonuses. Then, sell the bonuses on the page. It isn’t enough to include a graphic and a value.

People don’t inherently know that your bonuses are valuable – you have to sell them just like you sell anything else.

I also like to add a countdown timer on the sales page to remind people that these bonuses have a limited shelf life.

#3 Email Marketing

While I’m emailing my list to remind them about the promotion or cart opening, I always make sure to mention any expiring bonuses. This is also a great place to add another countdown timer to visually remind people they have a limited time to take you up on the bonuses.

#4 Sales Page Pop-Up

You can add a pop up to your sales page to let people know about a new added bonus. You can also use this to remind them that there’s a bonus expiring soon.

#5 Social Media Marketing

Any time you are posting about your offer on social media make sure that you are also specifically mentioning the expiring bonuses. Create social media graphics you can post to remind your audience about your bonuses and the limited time frame they’re available.

#6 The Replay Page

This is a great place to add the details of any expiring bonuses and add a countdown timer.

To truly get a “wave” of buyers from a bonus, I recommend offering a bonus that expires within the first 48 hours of opening your cart. If you host a webinar, you can also add a fast action bonus for anyone who purchases before the end of the live class!

Leave me a comment below!

What kind of bonus do you want to create for your next promotion?