How to Create Consistent Blog Content

So what’s the secret to creating consistent content? The secret is BATCHING.

You know those people who are constantly pumping out great content every single week?

I mean, you know that dripping out consistent content whether it’s a blog post, video, podcast, or a combination of things, but how do you make sure that it gets done and published every single week forever and ever?

Before I spill the secret, there are a couple of things you need to know:

  1. Consistent content is one of the greatest investments you can make. Having an arsenal of posts will help you get found in search, position yourself as an expert, and nurture your relationship with your tribe which eventually turns into more sales.
  2. Every piece of content must give value to your readers, watchers, listeners. The best place to start is with simple “how to” topics. Steer clear of personal stories and anecdotes unless they are supporting the lesson.

So what’s the secret to creating consistent content? The secret is BATCHING.

In other words, you should not be writing a blog post every single week, but planning your content way in advance. There are a few reasons why batching is so powerful:

#1 – Get more done in less time. Batching forces you to break your process down into steps so that you can maximize your focus. Rather than filming a blog post every week, I film 3-5 at a time so that I only have to get ready and set up the gear one time.

#2 – Create more space for your other business responsibilities. There is nothing more frustrating than having to come up with a blog post every single week. When I used this method in the past I would always get frustrated and give up thinking, “I’ll do a post next week. No one will notice.”

Here’s how to use batching to get a month’s worth of content created at once:

  1. Block off time. Personally, when creating new video content I block off Monday for outlining topics, Tuesday for writing the “scripts”, and Wednesday for filming and editing. This means that I need to block off several hours each day to get it done.
  2. Break down your process. For example you could use the same method that I use by assigning a certain part of the writing process to each day. On Monday, I will pick topics for four videos and on Tuesday I will write the scripts for each of those videos and on Wednesday I will film and edit each of those four videos.

Here’s what a sample process might look like:

      • Pick + schedule topics
      • Outline bullet points
      • Flesh out the content
      • Edit
      • Publish

3. Outsource for accountability. The two things that help me to stay accountable to my Thursday publishing schedule for the past few years are (a) promising you, my audience, that there will be a new video every Thursday and (b) being accountable to my team to get my portion of the content done so that they can publish it.

I’d love to hear in a comment below Which part of the content creation process is the biggest roadblock for you? Is it picking your topics, outlining, writing, or something else?

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How to Host a Potential Client Call (for Creative Entrepreneurs)

Hey friend!  In today’s video I’m going to show you the VLOS formula for hosting easy, breezy, high converting sales call formula.

This formula is for you if you ever have to talk to prospective clients or customers on the phone, in person, or even via chat or email.

Click “play” on the video to find out what VLOS stands for and how to use the formula!

V is all about remembering the VALUE or what you do.

Before you walk into a sales conversation or event, remind yourself why your work is valuable so that you can feel calm, cool, and confident talking to your prospective client.

My favorite way to do that is to take a deep breath, think about all of the amazing people I’ve helped in the past, and remind myself of the importance of charging good money for what I do. It’s only when people invest that they get results.

L is for Listening to the client

Though you are directing the sales call, the most important thing you can do is LISTEN to what the other person has to say. All you have to do is ask, “Can you tell me a bit about what you’re looking for?” They will tell you the rest.

While you’re listening you will come to understand whether or not you can help this person. Be honest about that and don’t move on to the next step unless the answer is yes.

O is for giving the prospect an OPPORTUNITY to work with you.

If, after listening to the prospect, you feel that they would benefit from your services, tell them that you think they’re a good fit. Even better, tell them why you think they’re a good fit so that it feels genuine… because it is!

After doing that, my favorite transition is to ask the prospect, “Would you like me to tell you more about the service?”

At this time, that’s your cue to walk the prospect through the experience of working with you. For this to work, it’s important that you have well packaged, signature offers that are systematized for each client. Your prospective clients will LOVE how organized you are!

And then finally…

Letter S is for Sell!

I know it’s everyone’s least favorite word, but all you have to do at this point is ask them if they want to book and let them know what they need to do in order to finalize their booking.

  • Is there a contract they need to sign?
  • Do they need to pay a deposit?

In my experience, when I host sales conversations with qualified leads using the VLOS formula, 90% of them say yes to working with me! No convincing or manipulating required 🙂

Now that you have the best formula for booking your leads, how about we get you some more leads to have conversations with?

Don’t forget to click the button below to get my ultimate checklist of 64 actions you can take to book clients NOW. There are dozens of things you can do to fill your inbox with the exact people you’d love to work with!

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6 Habits for Building a Six Figure Business

How to create a six figure business. These are the habits of successful entrepreneurs!

Hey! Courtney Johnston here from In today’s video I’m going to share with you the 6 big habits that I believe enabled me to create a 6 figure business.

Why 6 figures? Before I get into the habits I want you to know why I don’t think you should be emotionally hung up on this arbitrary revenue milestone:

  • The money won’t change how you feel. I honestly don’t even know when we hit it bc I was already focused on the next goal.
  • $100,000 means something different to everyone based on location, lifestyle, etc.
  • $100,000 in revenue does not mean $100,000 in profit. I use the Profit First model which means that I shoot for 50% in profit based on my current revenue numbers.

That said, I do think that the 6 figure mark does hold an important mental significance — much like January 1st. There’s something about it that feels magical even if it’s not inherently any more special than $99,999 or January 2nd.

Here are the 6 habits that got me to 6 figures:


Habit #1 – Being obsessed

I wanted it and I wanted it BAD. It was a goal of mine for 2-3 years before we finally made it. This obsession enabled me to be laser focused and helped me to make decisions. Frankly, it made me willing to do the work that I often didn’t want to do.

Habit #2 – Investing in myself

Since Day 1 I started reaching HIGH… higher than I was ready for. I invested $2,000 in Marie Forleo’s B-School in 2012 when I had about $200 to my name. I invested in about 15K of masterminding and coaching over 2 years, I invested in courses on the topics I knew I needed to learn in order to hit the goal. And I also invested a ton in travel to go to events, conferences, retreats to mingle with other entrepreneurs.

Habit #3 – Hanging out with 6 figure business owners

I’ve known for a long time that I quickly absorb whatever environment I’m in. I start talking like the people I’m hanging out with, dressing like them, doing what they do. It’s completely subconscious and we all do this. Use it to your advantage. When you hang out with people making 6 figures at first you will feel like the odd woman out, but slowly it will start to feel normal. Their behaviors and the things they say, do, and believe will start to infiltrate your brain.


When you hang out with successful people, watch what they DO. That’s where you will learn the most. Do one step better than taking someone’s course… watch how the execute that course. Watch how they handle difficult situations, criticism. This is always more powerful than what they SAY.

Habit #4 – Willingness to pay the price

Literally and figuratively. I lived at my mom’s house for a while and then moved to apartments that were VERY affordable and well below my means so that I could invest in my biz. This might not be for everyone but I do think it’s important to be honest about. Most people are not willing to pay the price. They want to maintain the same exact lifestyle and make zero sacrifices to start their business. I get it, but I honestly don’t have much patience for that. You’ve got to be willing to make a declaration to the universe that you WANT IT and it’s a priority. One thing I’m very proud of is that this has become such an ingrained mentality for me that I have gotten used to doing the work — a habit that will serve me for a long time to come.

Habit #5 – Hard work

I’m not the hardest worker in the bunch. To be honest, I often find myself quite lazy. However, there’s no getting around the fact that actions lead to results. You can’t think or pray yourself to success. You’ve got to move your feet!

In my course Yay for Clients I’m constantly pushing people’s buttons because most of us have mental blocks around doing the critical actions required to make money. We want to do the fun stuff like tinkering with our websites and posting on Instagram because it feels safe. Be honest – how long have you been in this kind of “preparation” mode?

Ultimately, you can prepare all day but none of it matters unless you are executing those plans at least 80% of the way.

Habit #6 – Learn New Skills

You know enough to get started but you will definitely need to be willing to roll around in the mud to learn some new skills. There will be times when you have to fix your own website code, write your own copy (that never fully goes away… sorry!), schedule your own emails and social media.

You will also need to get a heck of a lot better at what you do — namely getting RESULTS for your clients. This comes from trial and error and experience and intentional learning.

As a copywriter I’m still devouring books about sales, writing, psychology. I live and breathe my craft and I’m hungry to become better because as my business grows, my clients expect that kind of expertise.

As I mentioned a minute ago, TAKING ACTION is all that matters. Would you like to know exactly what actions you need to take to earn six figures from your business? Click the link below this video to grab a copy of my ultimate checklist of 64 Actions to Get Clients NOW. Just go ahead and scroll down to the description box below to grab it.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

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How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines (A 2-Part Recipe)

How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines (A 2-Part Recipe)

Hi this is Courtney Johnston from and in this video I’m going to teach you my 2-part recipe for writing the BEST subject lines.

The goal, of course,  is to get more people to open, read, and click on the emails that you send and none of that can happen if they’re not opening your email in the first place!

If you feel like writing an email subject line is a crapshoot, you’re going to love this formula.



Step 1 – Pick Your Poison

You’re going to want to grab a piece of paper to write this down. There are six main types of subject lines for you to choose from. Your first step is to decide which style of subject line will work best for the particular email you are writing.

The “poisons” are:

  • Specific
  • Benefit focused
  • Urgent
  • Pain focused
  • Curiosity
  • Shock

Let’s look at an example of each one:

Specific email subject lines tell you exactly what to expect and often have a number in them. For example, “The 5 habits of millionaires”

Benefit focused subject lines focus on what you will be able to be, do, or have as a result of opening the email. An example of this would be something like the email I recently got from the Zen Habits blog with the subject line, “Designing a well-lived life”.

Urgent subject lines are best used when the information you’re sending is particularly timely. On Black Friday, for example, your subject lines should mention black friday to add urgency. But it could also be something like “Limited time”, “Open me before X”, “Join me live now!”

A pain-focused subject line is useful if the reader is particularly motivated by reducing a frustration they have. I got an email from Denise Duffield Thomas recently with the subject line, “When clients say they can’t afford you…” which is definitely a BIG pain point that most entrepreneurs have.

Curiosity is perhaps my favorite subject line “poison”. The key here is to pique someone’s curiosity about a pain point, a desire, without giving away the details (but suggesting that they’ll get the answer when they open up). For example, questions are a great format to induce curiosity. So are ellipses at the end of a subject line!

And finally, shock. Shock should be used sparingly or else you’ll be labeled the boy who cried wolf. A shock email subject line is quite easy to write, however. You just have to say the OPPOSITE of what someone would expect or something OUTRAGEOUS. For example…

You should just quit.

I can’t believe I did this (shock and curiosity)

A million dollars in one day.

Coffee is killing you.

Part 2 – Brainstorm 10-20 options!

The only way to find THE subject line you want to use for a particular email is to brainstorm a TON of options mixing and matching the formats I just told you about.

Most great subject lines are a combination of 2 formulas. For example a curiosity

Writing copy takes practice but it’s honestly one skill you cannot outsource completely in your business if you want it done right.

Now that you have formulas for your subject lines, you might be wondering what to write in the email itself! Rather than telling you, I’m going to GIVE you the emails that I’ve sent during a successful launch in a free PDF I created for you because I think having examples is often even better than strategies! Get them here…

And finally, if you like this video, come on over to my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss the next one! Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!

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The 3 Keys to Becoming the Best in Your Industry

The 3 Keys to Becoming the Best in Your Industry

Hi this is Courtney Johnston from and in this video I’m going to give you the 3 keys to becoming the BEST in your industry.

There’s a lot of competition out there and you might have already given up on the thought that you can become the best. But I promise you that it’s possible! All you have to do is follow these 3 steps…

Now that you’re the best, make sure that you know exactly what actions to take to get more clients coming to you:

#1 – Narrow down the competition

  • It’s ok to have a little competition but if you feel like you have to lower your prices to get clients, you’re in a “red ocean”.
  • The key to competing with less people is to be VERY specific about what you do.
  • What is the problem that you solve? Is it a problem that people are telling you day in and day out that they want solved or is it something that you think people need. If they’re not communicating their need for this problem to be solved, you are effectively SOL.

#2 – Focus like a laser

  • We’re all multi-passionate. Take it from a fellow ultra creative person: the ONLY way to succeed in business is to focus.
  • Sara Blakely focused on ONE product to launch Spanx, not 5. Not even 2!
  • The 7 figure entrepreneurs who I know are all REDUCING the number of offers they have, not adding more… because they know that the more they focus on one thing the more profit they earn. This is one of the BIGGEST differences between amateurs and pros…successful business owners and wannabes.

#3 – Elevate your brand

  • Let me say that another way: Elevate your brand WITHOUT tinkering with your website.
  • You do NOT need the most gorgeous brand in the world to make a million…let alone 100,000.
  • Elevate your brand by being consistent online. Give away your best content generously. Post regularly on the social media platform of your choice. Make sure that you have a social presence. Talk about your work. Perfectionists don’t make money. Action takers do.

So now you know how to be the best… but do you know how to get clients coming to you? Make sure to grab the 64 Actions to Get Clients NOW checklist for free :

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10 Ways to Get Clients Online

The best ways to find clients online, attract the perfect clients to you, and grow your online service business.

Hey friend!

Today I have a special post in collaboration with my friend Gillian Perkins. We’re putting our heads together to give you the very best ways to get clients online. Because who doesn’t want that?

Let’s get started!

So online marketing is a crazy and overwhelming world full of sleazy tactics and clickbait. So how in the heck are YOU supposed to get your message out there and find the people who need what you offer?

Watch this video on YouTube here:


  • I know this seems counterintuitive in a land that screams “grow your list, grow your list!” but the truth is that list building isn’t always the quickest way to get clients.
  • You already know people! And you better know at least a handful who would benefit from your service. Make a list of these people and then reach out to them to either nurture that relationship or make an offer if appropriate (i.e. if they already know, like, and trust you).


  • Whether you have an audience or not, you can make a limited time offer. This is a great way to get an influx of clients all at once.
  • Can you offer limited time pricing? A bonus?
  • Depending on how many contacts you have you can email them personally or do a promotion via your email list.


  • I’m not talking about spamming or violating group policies. I’m talking about going into FB groups filled with people in your target market and being GENUINELY helpful.
  • You can do this in Facebook groups that are free or part of paid programs (paid programs often have the highest quality people) and the point is to participate REGULARLY and be helpful!
  • It is CRAZY how powerful and effective this can be and is the #1 place that my clients say they get their own clients.


  • Your free content, whether it’s on YouTube, your blog, your podcast, Instagram can’t be sporadic and it can’t be mediocre. It’s got to (a) show that you can read your clients’ minds and (b) be published consistently.
  • Honestly, publishing regular content is SO RARE because the big results happen 1-2 years or more down the line. START NOW!


  • Got a high-ish priced service that ain’t booking like you want? The Pop Up is your golden ticket!
  • This is a strategy I teach in depth in my program, Yay for Clients, but here’s the gist…
    • Create an affordable, limited time offer for your audience (something you KNOW people will buy)
    • At the end of this limited time offer many of your clients will want to invest in your higher priced offer.

Alright so here’s the deal – the final 5 tips are waiting for you in a video from Gillian Perkins.

>> Watch Gillian’s video HERE to get the final 5 tips!

Link to my video on YouTube:

We’re doing these videos together as a collaboration because we know that having two heads is always better than one. Make sure to click the link to watch the final 5 tips… you don’t want to miss what Gillian has to share!

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How to Start a Profitable Online Business in 2018

How to Start a Profitable Online Business in 2018

Happy new year, rule breaker!

Welcome to 2018. I bet you’re wondering: What marketing strategies are going to help you to attract more clients and grow your business online this year?

Are you starting a new business in 2018? Congrats! I promise that if you use the 5 strategies I’m showing you in this video that you will start to earn a full-time income from your business in no time at all.


Make sure to grab your copy of 64 Actions to Get Clients ASAP so that you can start taking massive action towards your income goal this year!

Here’s a quick summary of the 5 strategies:

Strategy #1 – Solve an in-demand problem.

The more concrete you can get, the better. In other words “confidence and happiness” are NOT specific enough. Neck pain from sitting on a computer? Optimizing YouTube channels for YouTubers? Those are concrete.

Strategy #2 – Network smartly both online and offline.

Get engaged with people in your target market or even similar to your target market.

Online this means joining a couple of key Facebook Groups and being active about helping people and getting to know them.

Offline this means attending events and joining groups. Get your butt off the couch and go!

Strategy #3 – Become obsessive about one marketing platform.

The truth? You can’t be everywhere and do it well. My recommendation is to become obsessed with one relevant social media marketing platform and DOMINATE. Enroll in a program to learn it, GO TO TOWN.

Strategy #4 – Create upsell and downsell opportunities.

Do you have offers for people who aren’t ready to work with you one-on-one? On the flip side, do you have a way for people to work with you after they’re done with your core service? Pay attention to what your people need and create a solution if it’s something you’re passionate about within your zone of genius!

Strategy #5 – Nurture the crap out of your audience.

How can you do this in 2018? The first way is through that social media platform you’re becoming obsessed with. It will both grow your audience AND nurture them, which is awesome. Give generously on this platform and you will create fans for life!

You also want to email your audience regularly to get them used to opening and reading your emails. Email open rates aren’t quite as high as they used to be, but email marketing is still a core pillar of online marketing. Ignore it at your own peril!

Watch the YouTube video + subscribe here:

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My Best Productivity Tips for Rebels

Productivity Tips for Rebellious Entrepreneurs (AKA how to get work done without giving up Netflix)

Hello rebellious entrepreneur friend! I see you there. Don’t be shy!

Don’t worry, I’m a rebel, too so there’s no judgement here.

Being a rebel is NOT easy. It can be really hard to get shit done when you’re constantly rebelling against your calendar, to-do list, what everyone else is telling you to do, and even what YOU are telling yourself to do.

It’s especially hard for us ambitious rebels. We have BIG dreams and also a BIG desire to binge watch Downton Abbey on Netflix.

There are a couple of reasons why rebels struggle (which I’ll go over in the video below) as well as 3 CORE strategies to overcome the #rebelstruggle.

Click play to learn all about it:

There are 2 things you have to acknowledge:

#1 – You’re choosing immediate gratification over long-term results. And it all boils down to FEAR. If the future results aren’t guaranteed yet today’s Netflix binge is, why gamble?

#2 – You’re setting outrageous expectations for yourself. Rebels are simply perfectionists who try to pretend that they’re NOT perfectionists (caught ya!). It’s okay to give a shit about the things that matter.

Here are 3 strategies to set you up for success, dear rebel:


No one gives that advice, right? But why do you keep setting OUTRAGEOUS goals? Do you really enjoy failing again and again? What are you so afraid of?

What’s the worst thing that would happen if you set smaller goals?


You’ve gotta SOAK yourself in your why. Why in the heck are you running a business? What is it all for?

Are you willing to go through a little bit of pain now in order to get long term pleasure?

You do not have to give up Netflix altogether. You just need to be able to hit “pause” at the end of an episode and say, Now it’s time to write that damn blog post because it’s going to help me create the life I really want long term! Yay!


This is the more practical tip to help you follow through. I’ve also created an entire video on how to stay motivated when you’re not seeing quick results which I HIGHLY recommend to all of my rebel friends (that’s you!)


Let me know: What’s the ONE thing you’ve been rebelling against MOST?

How are you going to break that one thing down into the smallest possible action using the tips I talked about in the video?

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Are You a Hobbyist, Freelancer, or Business Owner?

Are You a Hobbyist, Freelancer, or Business Owner? How to adjust as your business dreams change.

How did you get started in business? If you’re like me, you didn’t intend on starting a business at all.

On the other hand…

Some of us start off wanting to create a business. Easy!

Other people have a hobby or something they like to do that turns into a business on accident. Whoops!

Or maybe you started getting freelance gigs and it’s turned into it’s own monster.

However you got started, chances are that you currently find yourself in a very different place than you intended (life’s funny like that, eh?)

When was the last time that you took a step back to look at your INTENTION for your business?

Now’s the time! In today’s video I’m going to teach you how to reprogram your mindset to be a BUSINESS OWNER

Grab the Levels of Business Worksheet so you can find out what stage of business you’re currently at (and what you need to do to get to the next level):

Didn’t have time to watch the video? Here’s a summary of the hobbyist, freelancer, and business owner. Which one are you?


There is NOTHING wrong with having a hobby-based business if that’s what you want to do.

You’re a hobbyist if…

  • You started your business as a passion project / for fun / as a creative outlet
  • You aren’t focused on making money
  • You may or may not have products or services for sale
  • You’re not sure how much money your business is making
  • You see your business income as a “plus” to your household income

As you can see, in order to go from “hobbyist” to “business owner” you have to shift to start seeing your hobby as a money making endeavor.


Many entrepreneurs start off as freelancers — it’s one of the best ways to start a side hustle or transition from a 9-5 corporate job to running your own business.

You’re a freelancer if…

  • You are working on a project basis
  • The projects you do are varied and customized to the client
  • You currently write proposals to win projects
  • Sometimes you have to take projects you’d rather not take in order to make money

If you want to transition from freelancer to business owner the trick is to pick a niche and create a signature service. This way you can get known for one thing and have clients coming to YOU (rather than you hunting them down).


You’re a business owner if…

  • You offer clearly defined products and/or services
  • You’ve niched down your business to get known for one thing
  • You’re able to create systems to make your work more streamlined

My goal for you is to work towards creating a business owner’s mindset!

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5 Butt-Saving Systems for Service-Based Businesses

How to offer consistent services to your clients and do more work in less time

Can I confess something? I get really frustrated when I find a service provider who I want to work with and they make it REALLY HARD for me to work with them.

The truth? These service providers probably have no idea that they’re making it so hard for people to hire them… and they’re losing money because of it.

This begs the question: Are you making it too hard for people to work with you?

In today’s video I want to tell you about 5 life-changing systems that will make your clients happier.

The best part? These systems are “set it and forget it” types of systems so they’re perfect for lazy-preneurs like me 😛

The even better best part? (Yes, that’s a thing) Your clients are going to be HAPPIER and you are going to be doing LESS work.

Click play to learn about the 5 simple systems that will save your butt:


Your clients are going to be so freaking happy when you start emailing them regularly…even if you don’t have anything to say.

Seriously, even just a quick email that says “Hey I’m working on your project and just wanted to let you know that everything is going great. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Let me know if you need anything” would go a long way.


Guys. Seriously. I cannot stand when I inquire about working with someone and they send me an email that says “When are you available to chat?”.


And yet… 90% of service providers I come across use this as their booking process.

Not only are you more likely to book me as a client if you use a calendar app like Calendly (or one of 100 others out there), you are also going to save yourself time not going back and forth. On top of that you’ll get less no shows because your app will remind people about their appointment and your cancellation policy.


I know this is a super millennial thing for me to say but what’s up with people asking me to pay with cash or a check? Are they serious?

In this day and age every single business on the face of the earth should be accepting credit cards and online payments. (Unless it’s some crêpe stand in rural France, of course).


Deep breath. Contracts are not as complicated as people make them out to be. There are a gazillion templates out there. It’s ridiculous to start from scratch.

Chances are that you will never need to use your contract. It’s there to protect you and your client. And if something is missing from your contract you can always add it later. My suggestion is to find a template that resembles what you’ll need for your business and then hire a lawyer to look it over for you (which is way cheaper than starting from scratch!)


This is the BIG ONE. Do you have checklists and step by step instructions for how you complete your client work?

Do you do your work consistently every single time or do you make it up as you go?

I have an entire video on how to systematize your creative process that you should definitely watch if you need help with this!


I’m really interested to hear what you think. Do you need to create some email templates? Set up a calendar link? Set up your online invoicing system? Get a solid contract? Document your workflow?

Let me know below!

Xo, Courtney

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