The 3 Keys to Becoming the Best in Your Industry

The 3 Keys to Becoming the Best in Your Industry

Hi this is Courtney Johnston from and in this video I’m going to give you the 3 keys to becoming the BEST in your industry.

There’s a lot of competition out there and you might have already given up on the thought that you can become the best. But I promise you that it’s possible! All you have to do is follow these 3 steps…

Now that you’re the best, make sure that you know exactly what actions to take to get more clients coming to you:

#1 – Narrow down the competition

  • It’s ok to have a little competition but if you feel like you have to lower your prices to get clients, you’re in a “red ocean”.
  • The key to competing with less people is to be VERY specific about what you do.
  • What is the problem that you solve? Is it a problem that people are telling you day in and day out that they want solved or is it something that you think people need. If they’re not communicating their need for this problem to be solved, you are effectively SOL.

#2 – Focus like a laser

  • We’re all multi-passionate. Take it from a fellow ultra creative person: the ONLY way to succeed in business is to focus.
  • Sara Blakely focused on ONE product to launch Spanx, not 5. Not even 2!
  • The 7 figure entrepreneurs who I know are all REDUCING the number of offers they have, not adding more… because they know that the more they focus on one thing the more profit they earn. This is one of the BIGGEST differences between amateurs and pros…successful business owners and wannabes.

#3 – Elevate your brand

  • Let me say that another way: Elevate your brand WITHOUT tinkering with your website.
  • You do NOT need the most gorgeous brand in the world to make a million…let alone 100,000.
  • Elevate your brand by being consistent online. Give away your best content generously. Post regularly on the social media platform of your choice. Make sure that you have a social presence. Talk about your work. Perfectionists don’t make money. Action takers do.

So now you know how to be the best… but do you know how to get clients coming to you? Make sure to grab the 64 Actions to Get Clients NOW checklist for free :