Welcome to The Rule Breaker’s Club -- the official club for entrepreneurs who are ready to scream their awesomeness from the rooftops.

Hi, I’m Courtney Johnston -- Chief Rebel + Copywriter. Let me show you the ropes!

I’m not sure how you got here, but you’ll want to stick around if you’re down with learning on how to write better copy with...


Make a statement with your unique voice, brand, and personality! I’ll help you develop your core story, talk about what you do without nervously sweating, and niche yourself to your zone of genius to create the perfect products and services.


You’re kick ass at what you do, but do you know how to sell it? Stick with me and I’ll teach you the science of sales, give you specific copywriting formulas for every page on your website, and find the language that makes your target client say, “yes!”


My #1 rule (I see the irony) is that if it ain’t fun, we ain’t doin’ it! The Rule Breaker’s Club is a high octane, full-on passion- fueled bundle of joy with a strong side dish of sarcasm. When I’m done with you, you’re going to LOVE writing copy for your business.

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Hi, I’m Courtney Johnston and it is NOT my life's goal to become famous on the internet.

Call me crazy, but I honestly just like helping people make enough money to live the happiest, freest, funnest life they can. Let's forget about million dollar dreams for a second and focus on making enough money to support your life with your business. Maybe you want to travel like a nomad or become a minimalist or have enough revenue to stay home with your kids. Maybe you just want to feel free and creative and do whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks you feel like every day. That's what I'm about: the real, honest, what it takes-ness of building a business to support your happiest life.

I happen to specialize in copywriting AKA selling yourself with powerful language (without being manipulative!) If there was ever a skill you needed to skyrocket your business’ profit, increase sales conversions, and make a bigger impact, it’s copywriting. I can help you...







Ready to become a member of The Rule Breaker’s Club? Learn my signature "selling is fun!" strategy: The Rainbow of Sales 101. 

about-optioThis is the simplest, cutest, makes-the-most-sense-ist lesson on how to sell with soul that you’ve ever seen. In this 4-part guide you’ll learn an adorable metaphor that will knock your socks off:

How to hack into your target market’s brain and find the language that they’re using to talk about what they want (ahem...you need this language to sell anything).

Use this “Rainbow of Sales” to come up with amazing content ideas for your blogs, social media, Periscopes (my fave!), products, and services!

Feel really good, enthusiastic, and sleaze-free whenever you have to switch into “sales person” mode. (AKA no more awkward conversations when you ask for the sale).

Grab this free 4-part rainbow guide and learn to find the perfect language to describe everything you create!

Have we met yet? I’m Courtney Johnston, the (self-proclaimed) copywriting wizard who runs this biz.courtneyjohnston-large-52

I started The Rule Breaker's Club from a teeny tiny rooftop apartment in Paris in 2011 with nothing more than a B.A. in French and a rebellious attitude. (I've since moved my Francophile ways to Montréal, Québec). Originally, I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!).

Since transforming from academic writing consultant to French tutor to résumé writing specialist to rule-breaking copywriter (with a few skipped steps in between), I've worked with dozens and dozens of fabulous entrepreneurs on overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there and declaring your message.

With a background in language + psychology and lots of training in education, I'm armed to help you write your site fabulously, darling. After all, I do take pizazz very seriously.

Five things about me that you probably don’t care about but I’m going to tell you anyway:

The very first time I ever launched an online product in 2012 no one bought it. Not a single person! Not even my grandma! (In honesty, my grandma tried to buy my book out of pity but I wouldn’t let her). Since then I’ve successfully launched many products (including my eCourse) and been behind-the-scenes on dozens of clients’ launches.

I used to be a serious synchronized figure skater on a team called the Hockettes. Say what? You can watch a video of me skating (circa 2004) here.

I’ve written + revised over 100 sales pages. Probably a lot more than that but I’m way too lazy to keep count.

Before I became a copywriter, I was a résumé revamp artist. My other business ventures have included French tutoring, ESL tutoring, manuscript editing (snore!), and a brief stint as an amateur historian (double snore!).

When I was in college 4 of my family members died. Not to be a downer, but facing death at a young age certainly affected my life path. The lesson? Life’s too short to spend waiting around for the right time to do what you want. Do it now!

Grab this free 4-part rainbow guide and learn to find the perfect language to describe everything you create!

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For customer service please email us at info@rulebreakersclub.com. For personal inquiries you can email me at Courtney@rulebreakersclub.com

For pajama chats + kick ass business tips come hang out with me on Periscope! I’m @CourtRJ.