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Let me just move this stack of inspirational books off of this chair so you can sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Would you like some tea?

It’s so nice to meet you, rule breaker!


These are some things you absolutely MUST know about the RBC before you take another breath. (Ready? Set? Go!)


  • Rule Breakers (that means you) crave freedom! You want to sleep in, travel the world, and make fabulous soul-friends, right? That’s why we start our own online businesses, duh! Want to start your own business and share your passion with the world? Check out the free “Wannabe Entrepreneur” series.

  • Rule Breakers embrace who they are. No more “but what will other people think?” bullshit. Now that you’re a Rule Breaker, you must make a commitment to being 100% Y-O-U. The world needs what you have to offer. Time to stop hogging it all to yourself! That’s rude!

  • Rule Breakers know that in the online business world, writing is EVERYTHING. Your words are your identity + how you interact with your people. It’s time to tell people who you are and what you do so that you can make more money! The Copywriting Cheat Sheets below are going to help you out :)



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I’m Courtney Johnston, the creator of The Rule Breaker’s Club.

I’m an author, a copywriter, and a gal who absolutely loves being alive.




  • Lil ol' me? I help entrepreneurs become great copywriters for their own businesses with my Total Knockout service. Newsflash: It's 2014 and if you want clients to be begging to work with you, you've got to properly woo them.

  • I’m the author of the book From Amateur to Professional, which is a must-read for new entrepreneurs who can’t seem to boogie past the “getting started” phase or who get distracted too much by life....or Facebook. It’s got all of my best thinking on productivity, self-discipline, and entrepreneurship.

  • The Rule Breaker’s Club Blog is a vessel of joy, snark, and seriously good advice. When you subscribe, you’ll get every post straight to your inbox. Ta da!

  • I hail from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Go BLUE!



  • My days are spent however I damn well please. Thankyouverymuch. The people in my life are constantly amazed at how much freedom I have to say, throw a spontaneous picnic on a Wednesday afternoon or take 2 hour lunch breaks (wine included). Normally, though, I work a few hours in the morning and then spend the afternoons playing outside, creating, reading, exploring, or watching Ellen.

  • I have a B.A. in French Language and Literature. C’est vrai, mon ami. As of late 2013 I’m living Montreal. 

  • One time I ran into Tim Ferriss at a wine bar. True story (see below).



  • I spent 2 years in Paris straight outta college. Best. Time. Ever! I was staring at the Eiffel Tower one day when I decided that I NEVER wanted to get a real job. During my time in Paris I met my one true love and ate way too much Roquefort. 

  • I’ve never had a full-time job (suckers) and I run this business from my MacBook Pro. His name is Sammy.

  • Needless to say, I’m a travel junkie. My favorite places on Earth (so far) are Paris, the Grand Canyon, Michigan in the fall, Manhattan, the Mediterranean, and Bretagne. This year I'm spending time in San Francisco and Bali!



  • I know what death looks like. I would never have been so inspired to live a rule-breaking life if I hadn’t tragically lost so many family members while in college. (I have this theory that people who experience the death of a loved one are more likely to do great things).

  • I used to suffer from perfectionism and serious anxiety. It’s a modern epidemic! The cure? Meditation, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, and following a productivity plan like I write about in From Amateur to Professional.

  • I believe in love and optimism and positive thinking and magic and rainbows and unicorns. I’m constantly manifesting and meditating. I smile more than the average Jane. I like getting dressed up and rarely wear sweats (especially not outside of the house. As if!).



  • My life philosophy: Everyone is a genius at something. It’s YOUR job to (a) figure out what your genius is and (b) share it with the world! Let me help you sprinkle golden glitter everywhere you go!



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