6 easy peasy ways to make your brand more memorable

Hey rule breaker!

Would it surprise you to hear that I’ve almost always DIYd my own design and branding?

I am so not a designer nor do I have the technical skills to ever create any design for anyone else.

But I am a girl who knows what she likes. I’m a bit picky about how things look!

Along the way, I’ve discovered a few easy peasy branding tricks that I’ve used to create my own personal brand for The Rule Breaker’s Club.

Watch today’s video to learn my six best branding tips for all of you scrappy entrepreneurs!


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Make your brand boring-resistant by injecting your personality all over the place. http://ow.ly/QOg6H @CourtRJ 


Here are your 6 easy peasy self-branding action steps:

1. Stick to a color palette. Branders will hate that I started talking about colors first, but I think it’s really true that color is one of the first indicators of a brand.

2. Be consistent with your graphics + images. Always use the same filter(s) on instagram or the same shapes in your marketing graphics.

3. Be YOU. Put your personality all over your brand. It will make it MUCH EASIER to be consistent if your brand is your authentic self.

4. If you do business cards, have a business card that makes a WOW first impression. I got mine at Moo.com.

5. Come up with a catch phrase or name things really specifically in your business. Give your tribe a name (like Hilary Rushford’s Dean Street Bettys, Denise Duffield Thomas’ Lucky Bees, or you, the rule breakers!). I have a resource called The Name Your Shit Kit that can totally help you with this, which will be available in September 2015!

6. Get known for one thing. People really resist this, and it’s probably the most important tip. You can always integrate your other passions into your business, but if your topic is dog training, 80% of your content should be about dog training (even if loosely). You’ll be amazed at how you can tie your topic into other topics to combine your passions!


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