The only 3 things you need to start a business (and 7 things you don’t)

Start your new business in less than one week with these excellent tips for making money on the side.

How would you like to know to start a business in a week (or less)?

I’ve got great news!

There’s really only three things you need to get in place to start a business.

Shocking, right?

The fact that there are only 3 things you need in place to start a business pretty much guarantees that you are wasting time doing a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t need to do.

Want to know what that is?

Watch the video to learn the 3 things you need in place to start a business (and a few things you don’t):

The three things you must have to have an actual business.

#1 One paid offer

You must have a single paid offer that people are going to pay you money for in order to receive something in return. For new businesses, I recommend that you offer a signature service.

You need to first figure out a problem that isn’t being solved – and solve it. I teach the details of how to do this in my signature program, Yay For Clients, and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs do this.

This signature service doesn’t have to be your main passion or something you want to do for the rest of the life. Instead, it’s something you want to do right now to get your business off the ground because it solves a problem you see people having.

#2 One paying client

To have an actual business, you need to have a minimum of one person paying you to deliver a service.

Until you have a paying client, you’re not in business.

Then, once you’ve had at least one paying client, it’s time to get the next one!

That’s why you need…

#3 One solid marketing strategy for finding more clients

You don’t need to do ALL the things that people are doing to find clients. You really only need to find one method of finding new clients that works for you.

There are three strategies I recommend getting started with. I want you to pick one that will work best with your service:

  • Referrals: These are the heart and soul of most service based businesses. Do you already have clients who are really happy with your services? Ask them to send people your way that need your services.
  • Limited time promotions: If you already have an audience, this is a great way to get people to work with you now. This is one of the core strategies I use in my business to generate revenue. We probably get 80% or more of our revenue using this strategy.
  • Reach out to people who need your service: Start by reaching out to people you know would be perfect for your service. Consider offering a free consultation or an audit or assessment to show them what you’re capable of!

Those are the three things you need to get started this week!


These are the things that I find so distracting for my students and shouldn’t be done until you have the three things I just talked about completed.


A website is wonderful marketing machine that can promote your business. But if you don’t have the three things in place above, you do not need a website yet. This is the biggest thing that new entrepreneurs are getting distracted by.

Your about page doesn’t matter as much as you think if you don’t have a sellable service.


You don’t need a fancy office to have a business. You can run your business while you’re sitting on your couch wearing your pajamas.

Spending time focusing on a cute, funky office to go to work in is a distraction from getting started today. You can build your business from your kitchen table, a coffee shop, or even your couch.


You don’t need an extra certification, diploma, or education to start a business. Start a business where you’re already an expert.

Focus on where there is a gap in the marketplace where people need help that you can help with. You don’t have to be the very best person at the world solving this problem but you need to start where you’re an expert.


Enough said. You don’t need this to get started. Logos are completely unnecessary for growing a business and is pretty much the LAST thing you should be worried about.


I do recommend investing in good headshots – eventually. But if you don’t have the three pillars in place first you do not need headshots to get started. You need a service you can sell to people who need it.


This is not a necessary requirement to sell your service so you shouldn’t be focusing on it before you have the three pillars in place.

Social media is fun and great for business when you’re ready for it! Invest your time developing your three pillars that will actually bring in revenue.