Can You Create a Signature Service in Any Industry?

How to get more consistent clients by creating a signature service for your business.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts or watching my videos for any period of time, you likely know that I’m a BIG advocate of getting ultra niched and launching a signature service.

I’ve written a few articles on the matter including:

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And yet, I can hear your thoughts spinning in your head as you read this. You’re wondering, “But can I create a signature service in MY industry?!”

There are 3 reasons people don’t create signature services:

  • You work in an established industry (think lawyers, virtual assistants, photographers, web designers) and can’t see how you can create a signature service that’s different from what all the other people are doing.
  • You’re multi-passionate and you’re terrified that you can’t stick with one thing forever. You resist niching like the plague.
  • You resist creating a signature service because all of your clients are unique and you can’t imagine forcing all of them to fit into one box. How can you possibly have a one-size-fits-all solution?!

Click play to hear how I would coach you through each and every one of these blocks to creating a signature service:

Did you know that I experienced all three of these excuses before finally admitting that creating a signature service is the way to go?

As a copywriter, I struggled with the fact that all of the copywriters offer more or less the same services. I thought that I also had to offer website copywriting services (so I did). As a result, I wound up competing on price with other copywriters. I refused to play that game.

As a person, I am multi-passionate. I have French degree, inhale psychology books like air, love to travel, and would even like to write fiction books one day. For a long time I tried to find a way to mix all of these things together into the perfect potion of “Courtney” The thing is, my clients don’t care about my passions, they care about the results that my services provide. Your business isn’t supposed to be a perfect potion of everything that is you. Please, for the love of god, do not force your business to fulfill your entire life’s purpose. It’s not possible.

As an entrepreneur, I was young and inexperienced. I started my business when I was 23-years-old. I had zero professional experience writing website copy before becoming a copywriter. It took me a while to figure out what I liked to do, what I was good at, and where I thought I could be the most helpful. In that way, the experimentation was important. Once I figure it out, however, it became vital for me to establish a signature service.

Over the years I’ve learned that having a signature service is THE ONLY WAY to claim your territory in a crowded marketplace.

After two years fighting for copywriting clients and never knowing if I’d have enough money to pay rent, I decided to specialize in writing sales pages.

Within weeks of declaring this niche, I started booking out clients. Soon, I was able to raise the prices on my signature service, Sales Page CPR, before creating a productized version of the service (The Sales Page Kit).

I truly believe that you can do this in any industry.

For example, in my online program, Yay for Clients, my students have created and booked out signature services doing things like:

  • Content Creation Industry: Rachel is creating show notes and blog posts for podcasters
  • Fashion Industry: Jodi is women soulful personal style makeovers
  • Web Design Industry: Meghan is helping entrepreneurs create gorgeous + high  converting Squarespace websites
  • Web Design Industry: Liz White is designing sales pages and other beautiful graphics for digital launches on Squarespace.
  • Finance Industry: Iyanna is teaching entrepreneurs how to be their own bookkeepers and take control of their finances.
  • Biz Management Industry: Kathleen is an operations super star who is helping digital businesses execute projects and launches.
  • Biz Management Industry: Melissa is documenting and creating key systems for business owners
  • Health Coaching Industry: Staci is working with women who live abroad in countries with limited resources
  • Skincare Industry: Orly is showing women how to get clear skin from the inside out

It all comes down to this: There are hundreds of things that I (and others) wish existed but don’t. You can either continue doing the same thing that everyone else in your industry is doing, or you can discover one of the many problems that are not being sufficiently solved and solve it for a profit.