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Failed launch? Didn’t hit your goals? 4 steps to help you bounce back.

Something that frustrates me about the online entrepreneurship world is that people only share  what’s shiny, polished, and close-to-perfect.

Don’t get me wrong -- I’m not advocating airing your dirty laundry or complaining constantly about your problems.

However, I think that a bit more transparency about the not-so-perfect side of business could do both of us a lot of good.

You know what I mean?

Can I be totally honest with you? About once per year (maybe more) I have a day when I want to throw in the towel.

I’ll never quit being an entrepreneur (it’s in my blood) but I do want you to know that YES I have failed. Lots and lots. So has everyone else.

Watch today’s video to find out how I bounce back from a failure in my business.

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Not a video watcher? Here’s a summary of the tips in this week’s video:

1. Let yourself be bummed out. You get to have a few days to feel disappointed. Hell, you can even cry! However, you cannot let one bummer affect the rest of your life. The fact that you failed doesn’t mean that you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship.

2. Detach yourself from the failure. The fact that you didn’t reach your goals has nothing to do with your worth as a human being. Nothing you ever do will make you less deserving of happiness, love, respect, or success. Let’s face it: an action you took didn’t get you the result you wanted. It’s not personal… it’s business.

3. Learn what you’re supposed to learn. This often takes time + perspective. You’re not always ready to learn the lessons when you’re in the depths of your sorrows. However, a few weeks after your failure I encourage you to take an hour to reflect on what exactly went wrong (I promise it wasn’t everything) so you can get better the next time!

4. Get super fucking excited. Get revved up! Watch some Oprah! Read some inspiring books! The people who need you are waiting for you to get back out there and share what you need to share with the world. Get up and find your flame.


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