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Today I’d like to address an issue that comes up all the freaking time when I work with lovely creative business ladies on their web copy.


The question I get all the time is:


“How do I sell my stuff without making promises about the result? What if the person doesn’t get the result and gets mad at me?! What if they expect too much?!”


Answering this question takes a bit of unpacking. Here we go:


Selling is first and foremost a question of confidence.


In order to sell anything, you’ve got to believe in it. You’ve got to believe deep in your bones that people need what you have to offer, that what you’re offering will make a difference in people’s lives, and that you’ve created something of the highest quality.

It's all about coming from a mindset of SERVICE.

If you don’t have 1 million percent confidence in yourself and what you do, you’ll have a helluva time selling anything without sounding like a sleazebag.


In The Total Knockout Copywriting Course, the first thing I have students do is fill out what I call an "I'm Awesome List".


You can create your own, too! The "I'm Awesome List" ensures that when my students get down to the business of writing their sales copy, they will come from a place of love, service, and confidence in what they do.



Secondly, you must put some responsibility on the buyer.


If people don’t follow your online course the way you designed it to be followed, of course they’re not going to achieve the desired result.


If your client doesn't do her homework or show up to your one-on-one sessions with an open mind, of course she's not going to achieve the desired result.


You should always be very clear on your sales page what you expect from the buyer. (We'll talk about another important way to protect yourself from energy-leaking clients in a minute).


You can use money-back guarantees to outline exactly what you expect from customers. Guarantees reduce the risk for someone to jump in. That’s why I have an extended 60-day money-back guarantee for The Total Knockout Copywriting Course.


Most people will never ask for their money-back if they know they haven’t held their end of the bargain. And if they do, you can decide whether or not to give them one based on the agreement you had in place.


Thirdly, make promises that you can actually keep.


For example: I can promise that when clients work with me on their copy (and execute things exactly how I advise) they will see a raise in conversion rates.


For The Total Knockout Copywriting Course, I can promise that when you execute all of the lessons in the 6 modules, you will see a raise in conversion rates.


If people are totally unsatisfied with the content and it doesn't help them to achieve their goals, it's my fault, not theirs. 


When you write your sales copy, focus on telling your potential client what's possible for her. Then, show her some testimonials or case studies from people like her who have worked with you. These testimonials should showcase the results that they've achieved.


If your work is, say, helping to heal chronic illness, you'll definitely want to include some disclaimers. In fact, I urge everyone to include disclaimers about guaranteed results (promises that you're not making).


This brings me to the last point...


Finally, get it in writing. Always.


Use your good ol’ fashioned common sense (and a little research, perhaps) to get an idea of what you feel comfortable promising people and what disclaimers you’d like to make. Then plop all of that info on your sales page.


I absolutely recommend speaking with a lawyer to ease your concern, see what you have the right to say, and GET PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTS WRITTEN for your services.


Please, for the love of all things holy, use contracts!


Interested in learning more on exactly how to address this stuff in your sales copy? I teach a step-by-step formula for creating kick ass sales pages (and every other type of copy you need) in The Total Knockout Copywriting Course. Enrollment ends on Sunday, September 27 at midnight. (FYI: The current price is limited and will go up the next time I open enrollments).




3 Ways to Add Sparkle To Your Web Copy

I have to laugh.

It's really funny sometimes to see what kinds of things people tell me when they ask me to help them with their copy.

The most often request I get is to make the copy "snazzy" or to add some "sparkle". 

I love it! 

(So happy to know that people think of me as snazzy and sparkly, lol. Can't beat that!).

The truth?

There's a million bajillion ways that you can add more sparkle or snazz to your web copy.

I go over this a whole bunch in Module One of the TKO Copywriting Course (just so you know, enrollment closes September 28!) But I wanted to give you some tips here:

Snazzy Copy Tip #1 - Get in the moooooood.

If your copy is crap, I bet its because you're putting too much pressure on yourself to get it right on the first try.

Do you want to know what I do? I listen to my get pumped Rule Breaker's Club plyalist and dance around for a while before I write so that I'll feel the way I want to feel when people read my writing.

You can also listen to stand up comedy or watch some funny Youtube clips for the same effect.

Just lighten up! It's not that serious.

Snazzy Copy Tip #2 - Wait until the 2nd draft

When you write the first draft of your copy, the essential thing is that you just get the words out of your brain and onto paper. It's not supposed to be perfect. In fact, I can guarantee it won't be very good at all!

If you think that my writing comes out snazzified on the first go, you're wrong.

I've got a really specific writing process that I follow to make sure that I never get writer's block and that everything I publish is properly doing it's job.

(I teach the exact writing process in the TKO Copywriting Course. How do you like that for a plug?!)

Snazzy Copy Tip #3 - Use really visual language

This is the biggest biggest biggest tip that I could possibly give you.

Read though your copy and ask yourself: Could I make this sentence more visual? What does that look like? How can I paint a more vivid picture for people? 

You should always approach your writing like you're painting a canvas. The more visual you are, the less people's eyeballs will glaze over.

The key here is that you need to be able to snazzify your own copy. Add your own unique sparkle!

When you use these tips, you'll be able to come up with a way of writing things that I could never do for you. 

If you've ever felt like you had to immitate other entrepreneurs' writing because you couldn't do it better, I hope you'll use these tips.

And of course I teach all of this with really specific processes, formulas, an templates in the TKO Copywriting Course so you can *easily* create your own sales pages, email marketing sequences, etc.

You'll instinctively know how to tell GOOD copy from BAD copy (and what to do when the latter strikes).

Enrollment closes on Sunday, September 28 at midnight.

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Cheers to your sparkling copy!